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Hey Gophers!

We're back! We have a busy night ahead of us here! Our friends at Microsoft Reactor are having us again!

Talk 1: Jack Rudenko

We have Jack Rudenko CEO and founder of MadAppGang Speaking for us. Tech geek and lover of all new languages: Golang, Swift, Kotlin, Dart. Using Go in production for 4 years.

Jack will be talking through with us how he's used Go. He has a few live demo's so feel free to bring your laptops if you'd like to follow.

Title - Identifo - user identity system powered by golang.

Content: "I will talk about the problem Identifo solves and will show how to use it. I will speak about the main challenges everyone should follow creating their user identity system."

Talk 2: Dave Cheney

David is an open source contributor and project member for the Go programming language. David is a well-respected voice within the tech community, speaking on a variety of topics such as software design, performance, and the Go programming language.

Title - Go Test

Talk 3: Gary Miller

Gary is a creative technologist, across a broad spectrum of web, cloud and enterprise IT systems and technologies. He has recently finished at Macquarie Group's (COG - Infra) Computer Scientist in Residence, where he applied a small amount of theory with large amounts of practical software engineering nous, to unblock some of their most intractable problems.

Title - A Little Theory Re-emerges

Content: "This talk is a Golang centric view of typed configuration with the addition of the declarative capturing of CI/CD semantics.

JSON and YAML reign. The religious wars between dynamic and
static typing have been raging on for years. Until now the main
battles have been centred around programming languages. The
abomination ECMA Script, better known simply as JS, is seemingly

Recently configuration has taken the helm as things are shifting.
Tron, a new front in the battle has opened, promising to restore the
balance in favour of sanity in its small corner of the galaxy. A briefing
from the REPL alliance, hoping to convince Non Alignment forces to
join the fight, is under way ..."

*Due to popular demand, please make sure you have your eventbrite ticket on the night*

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