GoSF Five Nine - Go 1.1 | Canonical on moving to Go

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Note: Thursday 5/9 is the week before Google I/O and so we'll have a number of Go developers in town. Teams from Canonical will also be in town and so come join for what promises to be a special Go event.


7:00 Networking | Food | Drink
7:30 Every Day Carry - tools, tips, best practices
7:45 Speakers
• Talk 1: Canonical
• Talk 2: Andrew Gerrand on Go 1.1
9:00 End

Talk 1: Canonical on moving from Python to Go and architecting for reliability

Together with a few of his more senior colleagues from Canonical, David will talk about the rewrite of Juju from Python to Go, including details on the refactoring process plus the gains they've seen. They will also address how they've architected Juju to reliably deploy services in a distributed environment where they expect everything to fail.

About the Speaker

David Cheney is member of the Juju team atCanonical, a committer on the Go project, and a keen ARM enthusiast.

Talk 1: Andrew Gerrand on Go 1.1

About the Speaker

Andrew Gerrand, Google

Andrew works in Google Sydney on the Go programming language. He not only gets deep into the basics and fundamentals of the language, he is also one of the language's top evangelists, a core contributor to Golang.org blog, and an excellent source of Go examples. He also goes by nf (and adg).

About the Sponsors

Heavybit Industries (@heavybit) is a program and industry group for early stage businesses making developer-facing products.

Canonical works with the open-source community to deliver Ubuntu, the world's best free software platform. Our services are also helping individuals and businesses worldwide to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance security with Ubuntu.