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GoSF – Updating Go Programs + Inspecting Linux Page Cache + Gophercon Debrief

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6:30 Networking | Food | Drink

7:00 Sharing of Tips and Tools

7:15 Speakers
• Talk 1: GopherCon Debrief - David Calavera/Beyang Liu/Keith Rarick/others
• Talk 2: Remotely Updating Go Programs, Alan Shreve
• Talk 3: Inspecting the Linux page cache using pcstat, Al Tobey

8:30 End

Talk 1: GopherCon Debrief

David Calavera, Beyang Liu, Keith Rarick, and others will provide a debrief of Gophercon as well as lead discussion around some of the topics that came up. Any attendees from the conference are encouraged to add to the debrief and discussion points.

Talk 2: Remotely Updating Go Programs

Come learn how make your Go applications update themselves from the Internet! Alan Shreve will cover how to integrate his updating library go-update ( into your application so that it can update itself with just a few lines of code.

He will discuss how you can use ( to automatically distribute the application updates with advanced techniques like code signing, gradual rollout, binary patching, and stable/beta release channels.

About the Speaker

Alan Shreve hacks on everything from operating system kernels in C to rich client applications in Javascript. He's the author of the popular developer tool ngrok and a growing amount of open-source Go packages.

While at Twilio, he architected and wrote fast, scalable, fault-tolerant distributed systems that powered the SMS and Voice stacks. He currently works on fixing analytics, building out the distributed systems that power Keen IO. @inconshreveable (

Talk 3: Inspecting the Linux page cache using pcstat

Al Tobey from Datastax will talk about pcstat, his new tool for inspecting Linux page cache utilization on a per-file basis. He'll discuss why it matters, how it was built, and the problems it will help you solve.
About the Speaker
Al Tobey is a father, technologist, musician, and open source advocate working for Datastax. While attending university as a music major, Al got into MUDs, C, and Linux, eventually ending up with a career as a sysadmin. Over the last 15 years, Al has worked on everything from kernel drivers to HTML5 in both operations and development roles. (@AlTobey (
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