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Gopher SummerFest (Mon, 6/23)

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185 people went

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A host of Go people will be in town for Google I/O and so we arranged for a number of great speakers, some special guests, and a huge venue for all things Go.

It's a must attend meetup.


6:30 Networking | Food | Drink

7:00 Sharing of Tips and Tools

7:15 Speakers
• Talk 1: Andrew Gerrand, Google – The State of Go
• Talk 2: Derek Collison – Go at Apcera
• Talk 3: Matt Aimonetti – Go at Splice
• Talk 4: Evan Shaw – Go at
• Talk 5: Blake Mizerany – Something about Go

8:30 End

Talk 1: Andrew Gerrand on the State of Go

About the Speaker

Andrew works in Google Sydney on the Go programming language. He not only gets deep into the basics and fundamentals of the language, he is also one of the language's top evangelists, a core contributor to blog, and an excellent source of Go examples. He can be found at by nf ( and enneff (

Talk 2: Derek Collison – I was wrong, again!

1. I made prediction in Sept 2012 that Go would dominate systems development in 2 yrs. (We are 4 months away)

2. I was wrong, again. But not by much...

3. Why Go? A mini case study at Apcera

4. Where are we headed?

5. Who else is using Go? Docker, CoreOS, CloudFoundry, and more.

About the Speaker

Derek is Founder and CEO of Apcera and an industry veteran and pioneer in large-scale distributed systems. As TIBCO’s SVP and Chief Architect, Derek led technical and strategic product direction and delivery. While at Google, he co-founded the AJAX APIs group and then went on to VMware to design and architect the industry’s first open PaaS, Cloud Foundry.

Talk 3: Matt Aimonetti – Architecture, Lessons Learned and More

Go is at the core of the Splice music platform but it's not the only technology. Go is one of the 7 programming languages used in the Splice stack. Matt will share how this hybrid architecture is setup, what were the challenges and what lessons were learned.

About the Speaker

Matt Aimonetti is the cofounder of Splice (, a technology platform for music creators which streamlines the fragmented process of creating and sharing music, freeing musicians to spend their time and energy on the creative process. Previously, Matt worked on LivingSocial's core platform services and as a video game developer for Sony Playstation and has been active in the Open Source community for many years (Merb, Rails, MacRuby and many more). Matt is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Talk 4: Evan Shaw, – Quick testing with testing/quick

Hardly anyone talks about the testing/quick package, but it can be a useful tool in your testing toolbox. Evan will provide practical examples of how to use testing/quick to test your Go code, demonstrate an extension to shrink test cases, and share how he's using it to find bugs (and kill all the golfers) in IronMQ.

About the Speaker

Evan Shaw is a systems and lead engineer at He has a background in embedded software, systems programming, and C/C++ programming. In Go's early years, he was the top non-Google contributor to the Go programming language. He splits his time at between building system-level features and making components more high-performance and durable.

Talk 5: Blake Mizerany – Key Go Features He Used to Build Perks

About the Speaker

Blake Mizerany is the creator of Sinatra and co-creator of Doozer. His focus is largely on highly scalable distributed systems engineering but is known to venture into other areas as needed.

About the Sponsor/Host

Other Sponsors is the maker of IronMQ, a highly available message queue, and IronWorker, an elastic task queue/worker service.'s services are designed for doing things asynchronously and operating at scale. ( (

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