GoSF - A Deep Dive on Go Concurrency + Code Generation + Performance Monitoring

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6:30 Networking | Food | Drink

7:00 Speakers

• Talk 1: Reducing Boilerplate through Code Generation
• Talk 2: A Deep Dive on Go Concurrency : Unshooting Your Independently Moving Feet
• Talk 3: Building a Performance Monitoring Product (almost) Entirely in Go

8:30 End

Talk 1: Reducing Boilerplate through Code Generation

Go is simple, powerful, and safe. The language, however, often requires lots of boilerplate. Sometimes, we try to reduce boilerplate through reflection but this throws type safety down the drain.

Tejas Manohar will present how code generation can eliminate extra typing while still preserving type safety. He'll present examples from Glue (https://github.com/segmentio/glue), an open-source RPC client generator he has written for use at Segment.

About the Speaker

Tejas Manohar is an engineer on the Warehouses team at Segment. Segment is the hub for all your customer data, allowing your company to track its data once and send it to any tool. He’s excited about the intersection of distributed systems and data infrastructure.

Talk 2: A Deep Dive on Go Concurrency: Unshooting Your Independently Moving Feet

Anthony Voutas will do a deep dive on Go concurrency. He will examine concurrent Go code that looks correct to the untrained eye, but can cause havoc outside a sandbox.

He will show how seemingly small changes in code can have big impacts and explain what continuous integration and testing best practices can keep you safe and out of the concurrent weeds.

About the Speaker

Anthony Voutas is the first engineering hire at Backplane, where he focuses on security and site reliability. Backplane is on a mission to make networks powerful and trivially easy to manage. Prior to Backplane, Anthony architected, built, and maintained PKI solutions at a security startup working with the Australian Government. He has used Go professionally for the past three years. When Anthony isn’t working, he can be found honing his improvisation skills with his troupe ‘Stunt Dad.’

Talk 3: Gophers All The Way Down: Building a Performance Monitoring Product (almost) Entirely in Go

In this talk, Chris Haupt from New Relic will be your tour guide in his team's journey of building a modern performance monitoring SaaS product, constructed on a solid foundation of Go-based services, tools, and on-host data gathering agents.

Chris will address the evolution of the project, some of the key gotchas along the way, and where Go helped or hindered the team's efforts.

About the Speaker

Chris Haupt is the Director of Engineering for the SF-based team building New Relic Infrastructure, a product that helps modern IT Ops organizations address performance, analytics, and monitoring within large dynamic infrastructures. While he is still the Organizer for the Sacramento Ruby Meetup, his conversion to Go has been mostly painless.

About the Host

New Relic is a leading digital intelligence company, delivering full-stack visibility and analytics with more than 15,000 paid business accounts. The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform provides actionable insights to drive digital business results.

Companies of all sizes trust New Relic to monitor application and infrastructure performance so they can quickly resolve issues, and improve digital customer experiences. Learn more at newrelic.com (http://www.newrelic.com).