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"Something New Must Emerge"
This meetup Speakers' Corner is the traditional home for free exchange of ideas in London. For the next few meetups the so called housing problem is our focus. "so called" because the problem is about the scarcity and cost of building land not of the bricks-and-mortar structure. A proposal for a "Countryside Living Allowance" will be looked at this meetup. The CLA could be a policy to reduce urban living congestion and demand for housing. In general, these meetups investigate the details making up the "Something New Must Emerge". This expression is the title of an essay by Adi Da on the need for a Global Co-operative Forum to transcend the feuding and warring Nation States who currently ravage our world. ________________ Past meetups Emergence is one of the characteristics of complex systems. It is the result of the combined interaction of all the elements composing the whole system. The developments of species in evolution are an example of emergence. One of the questions arising from Something New Must Emerge is, How new does the new have to be? In the context of evolution something new can be as different from what went before as a frog is different from a tadpole. But let us be a bit more modest, and prepare to enable a new state of society to emerge during the next ten to twenty years. -------------- Thoughts to stimulate discussion ( Evolution as divine discontent; Changing gear with humanity; Evolution becomes social; Society as family; The dysfunctional family must change or go extinct. This refers to the metaphor of humanity as a family. Children an not able to grow up to become mature and responsible independent adults in an usable, problem ridden environment. It is well evident that something is deeply wrong in our society and it is the social layer of thinkers and leaders who can fairly regarded as the parents with the masses as the children. This may be a crude metaphor, but we have to start our analysis somewhere. Meetups like this offer the space to refine this model and make it into a useful analytical tool. ----------------------------------- "Something New Must Emerge", in the words of World Friend Adi Da, is the theme of B M Hubbard's book, Birth 2012 and Beyond---Humanity's Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution. It is an invitation to participate in the symbolic birth of our new planet. March[masked] a conception date and consequently the due birth date of 22 st December of that "something new". "The years behind us have prepared us for systemic change, with economic meltdowns, political gridlock, environmental destruction, unrest and fear. The breakdown of the old systems have become painfully evident; Time magazine chose the "protestor" as the Person of the Year from 2011 to reflect the global uprising of discontent aimed at moneyd elites, oppressive dictators, unaccountable corporations, and aloof politicians." Connecting the highest source to its material pole of earthly manifestation with a vision: Something New Must Emerge ( How come so many of us claim to be loving yet millions suffer and die unnecessarily? in other words why can not love feed everyone in the world? Prior Unity and Sharing the Gifts of Nature ---------------------

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This meetup changes periodically according the interest of people who attend the meetups regularly. In the past we have explored the principles of a Good Society with the help of Kenneth Galbraith's book in informal dialogue.

A wide range of other topics can also feature on our interest list. For example, recently we discussed the book "Metaphors We Live By" by G Lackoff and M Johnson, "Organic Universe" by Italian astrophysicist Giuliana Conforto.

During 2011 a serious proposal for a Global Cooperative Forum, as outlined in Not-two Is Peace formed the guiding theme.

Currently (Spring 2012) we engage with the rising importance of commons in public awareness due to the economic and financial crisis and the emerging Occupy movement as a response.

In addition to these monthly meetings, there are weekly meetings elsewhere under slightly "different management". You are welcome to join them ( A shared vision and common enterprise is deeply rooted in talk about things that matter.

The cartoon caption at the top left symbolizes the idea that our world is in the midst of an evolutionary paradigm shift.

A world, we can barely imagine*, is possible; but like any birth, there is no guarantee that it will be successful without assistance.

It can be the birth of a new species---a fully human species---or the death of

us (NOT the death of Earth)

In other words, it is Utopia or Oblivion, as one of the prophets of this possible world summed up the future of our species.

*How can a caterpillar imagine being a butterfly; how can a choking, cramped chick-embryo think of being a breathing, running, flying chicken?

These thoughts have something or a lot to do with the **future** of human evolution---hopefully we are going to be around for thousands, even billions of years (unless we refuse to be part of the evolutionary process).

Current topics have centred around a movement that brashly/boldly claims to be a science of getting Humankind ready for its next evolutionary quantum leap. It is the 60 year old internationally present project known as scientology. It claims to be about the science of "knowing how to know".


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