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Last updated June 2021

A better world does not come about by itself.

We have to make it happen -- first step: Universal (Unconditional) Basic Income (UBI)

During these lockup-days and the confusing regulations, we meet on skype on Mondays at 6 pm BST via this link https://join.skype.com/IC3zU3vW9QSp

Don't be shy, say "hello" even if you are only the second person around...

Tell the host what you think/know about UBI thing, for example...


This meetup is intended to explore the possibility of forming alliances and alignments between diverse efforts engaged in transforming our world.

The unifying goal of these efforts is to arrive at a sustainable global civilisation where there is No War; No Poverty; No Oppression; No Exploitation; No avoidable suffering --- in short, a Possible Good World (PGW).

Impossible? Then we are in big trouble! Lets ask instead:

why war?
Why poverty?
why oppression?
why exploitation?
why is life more difficult than it need be?

Answers will tend to indicate that there are just a few basic problems. Are they really insoluble? The "no"s are, at worst, equally balanced by "yes, we can"s. It is a matter of choice.

A related project is at https://www.meetup.com/good-world

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London Communalists

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London Communalists

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London Communalists

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