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This is a group for anyone interested in the Go programming language and living or staying in Rhein-Main area.

If you want to be a speaker at one of our events, please drop us a message, talk to us or fill out the speaker form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0WOsAQSJSIAai-H-bxn9KRZ5OxQsfjb0TcO1WVcXnc47Xpw/viewform.

If you want to host us, please reach out to us in person, write us or fill out the host form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdc3_x8iJWXdzX6Xh-vzqG765Z5bxpeMu6zRUf8frf85T5vFg/viewform

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45th Gofrm Meetup: Go Hands-On (a.k.a. Workshop): DevOps for Go Developers

== German version below ==

Go Hands-On (a.k.a. Workshop): DevOps for Go Developers

Go is widely used in DevOps. How about DevOps wor Go development. How can a Go project profit from a great DevOps toolset? Together with JFrog we will take a dive into the DevOps world. Hands On. So you will setup your own JFrog environment and work with it. You do not need to fear: this is guided by JFrog's Batel Zohar and you won't be left behind. Whether you're a year long Go user or just starting to explore, this is for you.

➤➤ Tools you will need:

1. When you arrive at the workshop, you will open your Free JFrog Cloud Account (We will send you a link prior to the workshop). These are the tools you will be using for the Workshop (and you can take them with you!).

2. Go client version 1.11 or above installed: https://golang.org/dl/

3. JFrog CLI installed: https://jfrog.com/getcli

4. Docker: The Docker client should be installed and configured on your machine.

5. Git + GitHub
A GitHub account is required so that you can fork this repository, and Git must be configured in your terminal so that you can clone it.

6. Code editor - your choice

If you have questions or need help feel free to contact us.

About Batel Zohar:

Batel Zohar is a Developer Advocate for JFrog and has a background in DevOps support engineering, web development, and embedded software engineering. Prior to this, Batel served as an Enterprise Solutions Lead on a dedicated team that accompanies and assists large customers through the architectural implementation of the JFrog platform. She loves her dogs, plays guitar, and is a fan of Marvel’s movies.

Link to the meeting platform follows later

German version:

Go Hands-On (a.k.a. Workshop): DevOps für Go Developers

Viele Tools der DevOps Welt sind in Go entwickelt. Wie kann ein Go Projekt selber von DevOps Tooling profitieren? Zusammen mit JFrog werden wir und das näher ansehen. Und uns dabei die Hände "schmutzig" machen. Setze Deine eigene JFrog Umgebung auf und arbeite mit ihr. Egal wie lange Du Go nutzt - dieser Workshop
ist etwas für Dich. Batel Zohar von JFrog wird den Workshop führen und auch Dich mitnehmen.

➤➤ Ein paar Dinge als Vorbereitung sind für diesen Workshop nötig:

1. ein kostenfreier JFrog Cloud Zugang. Dieserwird zu Beginn erstellt

2. Go (1.11 oder höher) https://golang.org/dl/

3. JFrog CLI https://jfrog.com/getcli

4. Docker Desktop

5. Git und ein GitHub Zugang um das Repository zu forken

6. Der Editor Deiner Wahl

Batel Zohar's Vorstellung bitte im englischen Original lesen.

Der Link zum Online Zugang folgt später

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