What we're about

We are about passing on the passion of sailing.

This group is about getting you connected with other people on boats to enjoy the pleasures of working together using just Wind and Water to get where you want to go.

No matter what your experience level, whether you are stuck on land, and think you'd like to try sailing, or have a boat and need crew, we are dedicated to helping you realize your dreams.

The truth is that to go sailing, you have to connect to sailors. We provide you the opportunity to get connected to group members who sail. These sailors host events and use the RSVP system associated with the software platform we use to facilitate those events.

NOTE: we are a social network, not a sailing club, yacht club or school. We are not a charter operation or an organization that schedules or acts as an agent for charters. We are a network of skippers and sailors. Some of the skippers in our network host events that members can attend, and we use the MeetUp Platform to facilitate that. Each Member of the Network, Skipper and sailor is responsible for learning and adhering to applicable laws and regulations. When you joined MeetUp to join this network, you agreed to certain terms of conditions that extend to the organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, and event hosts that use this platform to post events, which are called 'meetups' by the company that provides the software platform we use.

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Greetings to all the members of Got Wind and Water, and those who are new or visiting.

I thought I'd let the previous 'placeholder' events drop off the 'front page' of the site and create this one to explain a bit about how the group works.

Our mission statement is to 'connect sailors'. We do that in two different ways.

#1 We have a large group of 'assistant organizers'. Those individuals have the ability to host events. Generally, when they feel like it, they post an event and invite members to sign up on the Waiting List. There are a couple of details that are worth mentioning: The Meetup Software Platform is general, but how we use it is specific to our mission statement. Events are organized by those who own boats, or have the ability to charter boats. I advise the assistant organizers to create a waiting list and choose people from that waiting list to put together a 'crew'. I advise them to select several experienced sailors and to also select several inexperienced members. That way there is a balance of experience on board during an event. Assistant Organizers have the ability to look at the attendance records of members. So when they select members from the waiting list, they are also reviewing who has signed up for what. It is this information that lets them select a few 'experienced' members. Their selection of the other members who get invited to sail is based on your profile, so updating your profile is important. If you have trouble updating your profile, just click on my profile, and email me . I'll help you update yours.

Another part of the event process is that we always ask questions of those who put themselves on the waiting list. We ask you for your cell phone number. This is very obvious, a skipper is not going to invite someone he doesn't know and can't contact (duh). We typically also ask for your full name and email address. When a skipper invites someone onto his or her boat, it's like inviting someone into their home . . . would you invite someone into your home without first having at least their full name, and their contact info?

#2 Assistant Organizers are selected by the leadership team. Those assistant organizers can see the attendance record and access the contact information of those who are active in the group and attend events. The assistant organizers can reach out and contact those members if they think those members might want to sail with them. This is the second way in which the group connects sailors. If you've never attended an event . . . then you aren't going to get 'connected' with other sailors.

#3 This is a social network that uses the Meetup Software Platform. That Platform enables members to contact each other (if a member allows that). So if you set up your email preferences to allow another member to contact you, then that could happen. Such contact is completely hidden from the leadership team, and if you experience something that worries you, you can report it to Meetup headquarters. They can remove individuals that abuse the Meetup Platform.


Another aspect of the group that sets this group apart from a lot of the other sailing groups out there. This group is designed to enable situations where members typically meet each other face to face for the first time on board sailboats. It is said that you don't really know a sailor until you've sailed with them. The act of sailing reveals character in a unique fashion (quickly).


By being a member of this group and participating in the events, you've signed up for this aspect of the way the group works. It's a social network, and you are responsible for your behavior within the network. The group itself has no responsibility for what happens on events. It's an invitation process. The assistant organizer is inviting you, and you are accepting the invitation. Sailing can be dangerous, and you are on your own. We monitor what happens (to the extent we know about it). If something is happening that you feel uncomfortable about, you can always contact me. I can ban and remove other members from the group if they aren't behaving themselves. But to do this, I have to know about it, and I have to judge whatever is going on before I take any action

Update Your Profile
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Have you Participated in any events yet?

The above photo was taken during a recent event.

Once you've participated in events on Got Wind and Water, you are no longer the 'newbie' you were when you joined. So if you put 'Have never been on a boat' in your profile and you are attending events, then that statement is now longer true - so change it!

Did you know that you can update your profile on Got Wind and Water?

Just go to Group Tools ... My profile and click on the Edit Profile link (it has the little pencil icon next to it)

Update your intro, because as you participate in our events, your feelings are most likely different. You joined with a 'notion' about sailing which is most likely completely different now that you've connected with other sailors.

I took the above photo on board 'My Way', a truly amazing sailboat, with members I met through the group, who are now amazing friends. The photo was taken during one of the events I co-hosted. After that event, my notion of sailing is changed forever . . . :)

But I haven't participated in any events yet!

Well, that may be true, but if you've browsed this site and looked at some of our events and browsed through our various photo albums, you may have a slightly different notion as to what this group is all about than when you joined. If you've placed yourself on a waiting list and haven't been moved to the RSVP list for events, you might wonder why . . .

It could be your profile, or . . .

Questions, Questions, Questions

Our it could be you didn't answer the questions asked when you put yourself on the waiting list. As the founder of the group, I instruct assistant organizers to be careful and selective as they add members to the RSVP lists for their events. I instruct them to always ask three questions of people who place themselves on the waiting list. If you want to know what those 3 questions are, just RSVP to this 'non-event'. You'll be asked the questions. They are the same questions you'd want to ask someone who RSVP'd online to carpool with you somewhere. Think about it - stepping aboard someone's sailboat is similar to joining a group in a carpool situation.

If you want to increase your chances of getting on an RSVP for a sailing event, then RSVP to this 'non-event'.

All Assistant Organizers can browse the attendance history of members who participate in events. If you add yourself to this event's RSVP list, and update your profile, you will increase your chances of getting on RSVP lists in the future.

Here is another photo taken during one of the first events of the group.

I do like to take photos of beautiful sunsets, but that doesn't mean I sail by myself :)

A lot of my sailing friends that met through this group tell me how much they appreciate what this group has done for them, opening up a world they never dreamed they would participate in before they joined. I would like to add that I share their feelings. As the founder, I was the first member of the group. This group has changed my life, and I'm extremely grateful to the members who participate and make it all work.

Sincerely Yours,


Founder and 'Group Captain'

Got Wind and Water Sailing Network

powered by the MeetUp Platform

This last photo is of Aaron Kennedy and a few of his favorite Got Wind and Water Members.

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To all, this is a message from your founder.

I consider this to be a 'Sailing Network' that uses the MeetUp Software Platform to carry out it's mission:

To Connect Sailors

That Software Platform is a available to us through a paid subscription. It's not free.

So I don't consider 'Got Wind and Water' to be a 'MeetUp Group', even though it's members have to belong to MeetUp in order to belong to this network. The company that wrote and maintains the software platform has it's own reasons for doing so. They have a vision, a concept, for what a 'MeetUp Group' is, and that vision includes encouraging the larger demographic of 'MeetUp' members to join as many 'MeetUp Groups' as possible, and to RSVP to as many 'MeetUps' as possible.

That's really not what we are about, but as long as we use this software platform, we are harnessed to that vision/concept even if we ignore it as much as possible.

This brings me to have to describe the difference between the 3 lists.

There used to be 2 lists: RSVP and Waiting

Everyone understands these two. If you are on the RSVP list, you are going to the event (We don't call them 'MeetUps'). Every Event has an RSVP List

Waiting Lists are different. Not every event has a Waiting List - we can turn that option off.

If you are on the Waiting List, you aren't going, but are waiting to be selected. Our events are 'small group' events, so to participate, you have to selected by the skipper. The two lists are set up so that if you put yourself on either of the two lists while logged in through a web browser, you get asked important questions. The most important from my point of view is 'what is your cell phone number'.

As a skipper, it's very annoying to be at the boat (on the dockside of a locked security gate that's 100 yards away) and wondering if someone is at the gate (or lost). If you have a cell phone number, you can call and find out. If not - it's annoying.

Unfortunately, if you are putting yourself on either of these two lists, and you are using the MeetUp app on your phone - you are not asked the questions. It's ironic, but that's the way it is.

Now there is a third List.

We can't turn this list off - it's part of the MeetUp Software Platform strategy of getting the maximum number of people associated with the events.

This third list is the 'I want a spot' list. And if you put yourself on this list - the software platform does not ask the questions.

I recently had to deal with this on another event. We moved selected people onto the RSVP, and did not enable the second type of list (the Waiting List). But the 'I want a spot list' pops up. While it might be nice to know who's interested, there was never any intention on such an event to add people to the event.

So it's annoying to have to explain to people that they have no chance to join us on that particular event.

Sail Charter Grenadines 3/15-22/2015
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Have you ever dreamed of cruising in paradise? Well this is your chance to sail thru the Caribbean's most beautiful island group. Our plan is to charter out of St Vincent and cruise the beaches and bays of 8-10 islands nearby. Our skipper is a licensed charter captain from Tiburon. We will be preparing gourmet meals while we enjoy idyllic anchorages. The weather in March averages 80 degrees as does the water temperature. We estimate the cost to be between $2500-$2800 per person. Please contact me if you are interested. No sailing experience needed, just a great attitude and a smile! fungod at gmail dot com Get ready for too much fun!

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