What we're about

LOHAS means "Lifestye of healthy and sustainability". Here, we encourage everyone to start plant-based businesses. We help individuals and organizations understand the UN’s sustainable development goals and find solutions that help each other, thereby encouraging everyone to live a sustainable and healthy life.

Many members here have been here with us for more than 10 years and we have been performing the role of plant based consumers attending all activities organized here. Most of us has very rich experience to live a based diet lifestyle, which is also the core of Lohas. It’s time for us to encourage to focus these experiences on business development. We shall introduce you a lot of tools available online so that everyone can make good use of it as your business support.

We have changed the name to GOVEG: Club LOHAS Entrepreneurs. We shall organize different online and offline events soon for everyone.

LOHAS 的意思是健康與可持續發展的生活方式。在這裡,我們鼓勵所有人開展以植物為基礎的企業,以幫助個人和組織理解聯合國的可持續發展目標,並找到相互幫助的解決方案,從而鼓勵所有人過上可持續、健康的生活。

我們將群組的名字正式改為,GOVEG: Club LOHAS Entrepreneurs 樂活創業傢俱樂部。我們很快會為大家舉辦不同的線上線下活動分享。

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