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We love the outdoors and the group has hiked and explored many National Parks and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty. Meeting in London, Hiking and walking mainly in the Southeast and home counties including London, Hertfordshire Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. We have organised many weekend hiking adventures to Snowdonia, The Lake District, The Peak District, Scotland, Yorkshire and hiked the far-flung corners of the UK. We have an increasing range of adventure holidays, hiking, trekking and exploring, Europe and beyond.

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Our outdoor adventure activities include Hiking, Adventure holidays, Weekends away, Walking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Socials, and Camping

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Imperial cities of The Great Silk Road, and the Nuratau Mountains

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This kaleidoscopic tour takes us to Uzbekistan, deep in the heart of Central Asia we visit the imperial cities of Samarkand and Bukhara and hike the pretty traditional villages of the Nuratau Mountains, this is a cultural, hiking adventure like no other.

No city is more synonymous with the Silk Road then the imperial city of Samarkand once a thriving trading post where merchants travelled from far and wide to trade their wares. The city mosques and mausoleums, glint with gleaming gold, emerald and turquoise, here we have two days to explore the magic and rich history of this unrivalled Silk Road City.

Departing Samarkand we drive into the Nuratau mountains once a refuge for Nomadic tribes escaping the endless Sands of the Kyzylkum desert for fresh mountain air, before settling to cultivate the hillsides with herbs, walnuts pistachios and mulberries.
Now a mountain hideaway of clear starry nights birdsong and fragrant flowers and home to endangered species like Severtsov wild sheep. We explore the valleys and experience traditional rural Uzbek life, weaving carpets, bread making and agriculture.
We hike to traditional villages that hug the hillsides visiting castle ruins, petroglyphs, springs and waterfalls before driving back to the central lowlands.

Our drive takes us to Central Asia’s holiest city, Bukhara with buildings spanning a thousand years of history, the centre is an architectural preserve, full of madrassas and minarets, caravanserais a royal fortress and the remnants of a once-vast bazaar which once housed more than 100 madrassas and 300 mosques. After exploring this fascinating city we take the evening train to Samarkand for our last evening in this spectacular country finishing with a traditional Uzbek feast in one of the many eateries, before turning in for the night and our flight home

GRADE: Beginner, staying in guesthouses and village houses with day hiking from village to village.

BBQ, Bonfire and cosy hammock camp adventure

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Escape the hustle and bustle and join us on a relaxing wild woodland adventure to soak up the sights, sounds, and smells, sleeping under the autumn leaves in a secret private woodland.
We will embark on a nature walk to learn about the magic that the woods offer, collect firewood Learn to light a fire, and cook our evening meal.

We relax around a roaring fire with a hot cup of mulled wine before turning into the comfort of our cosy hammocks to dream the dream. Waking with the dawn chorus you will be brought a hot drink, then cook breakfast over the embers, and have time to chill before heading home with unforgettable memories.

"Nags Head 2014 Memoirs 63 – Camp Fire on the Beach" by Counselman Collection is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Luxury hiking weekend- Sugarloaf Mountain and the Blorenge

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A Luxury hiking weekend, staying at the beautiful four-star Kings Head Hotel located in the center of the historic market town of Abergavenny. You are just a short walk from the Market, Castle, and the many independent local shops. We hike the Iconic Sugarloaf mountain and the Blorenge before returning home.

This weekend starts in Abergavenny, our accommodation is at the four-star Kings Head Hotel 10 min walk from Abergavenny station. We arrive in time for a few drinks before turning in.

Passing through the Castle grounds the trail follows the River Usk to Llanfoist, we start a gradual ascent through the Coed y Person forest to join a contouring footpath to the mouth of the woods.
Gradually ascending, the path meets a broad ridge that leads to the summit of Blorenge 561m where we can view the Afon Valley and Sugarloaf Mountain.
We continue to crag top to descend past Punch Bowl where the path joins the pretty Monmouthshire and Brecon canal and back to our hotel for drinks in the bar and a well-deserved evening meal.
15km 600m ascent Hiking time 6hrs mins 1 hour for breaks.

After a hearty breakfast, we pick up a footpath to join the meandering River Afon this leads us out of the west side of the town to Llanwenarth. church.
From here start our ascent of Sugar Loaf mountain 598m, passing the viewpoint at Llanwenarvth Breast, a short ascent leads to a broad ridge which takes us to the summit, where we have commanding views over Abergavenny and the Black Mountains.
We descend the North East ridge past Blaenawey to join a track that takes us down past Pantygelli into town where you have time for a bite to eat before returning home.
18km 800m ascent 6hrs hiking 1 hr for breaks.

GRADE: Moderate, hiking reasonable paths on high mountains (2 Mountain Leaders).

The Lost City of Colombia and the Caribbean Coast

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Deep in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains lies the prehispanic Jewel of the Lost City, "Teyuna" This magical UNESCO city originally inhabited by the Tayrona people, was an ancient cultural centre with more than 200 structures, roads, stairs, canals, houses, plazas and ceremonial buildings and was inhabited for several centuries before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.

Our trip starts in the romantic Caribbean coastal town of Santa Marta the oldest city in Colombia, fringed by beautiful beaches and colourful villas.
We take a 4x4 and drive to the trailhead at Mamey where this terrific journey takes us on an adventure through some of the most biodiverse jungles on planet Earth.

The indigenous guides lead us along ancient trails through dense forests, full of monkeys, wild orchids, and thousands of types of trees, we will see many colourful birds including parrots and toucans we cross rivers, pass waterfalls, climb ancient hidden mossy steps and swim in crystal clear rivers, warmed by the midday sun before arriving at the Lost City.

Trekking through this magical place full of relics the guides will recite ancestral stories and tell us the history of "Teyuna", before returning to the path and our descent to Mamey for a well-deserved beer. We return to Santa Marta to relax and explore the Tayrona national park with some of the best beaches in South America, before returning home.

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The Kings Trail - Hiking Swedish Lapland

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