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Calling all Gophers and would-be Gophers and friends of Gophers!

A "Gopher" is someone who writes computer programs in the language called "Go (https://golang.org/)" (a.k.a Golang).

Our GoWroc meetups will usually be held on the second Thursday of each month, everyone is welcome.

Check out our future agendas: https://hackpad.com/GLUG-Wroclaw-Xzzvs7NV5bP . Our past talks can be found at https://github.com/gowroc/meetups .

Chat to Wrocław Gophers on Slack: you're invited (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Wk7Alq-lp9sgH3h___zMPmh4gAaghsGpnnsW0Pa_9Ik/viewform?fbzx=4754263898376949596#start=invite) to chat on our #gowroc channel anytime.

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GoWroc #31

Ingrid, Centra, Young/Skilled Office

GoWroc #31 == Agenda 6:45 Networking 7:00 Talks - Krzysztof Dryś - Go and Google Cloud Pub/Sub: introduction and live demo Over the last period of time, my company had moved parts of its infrastructure to Cloud Pub/Sub, offered on the Google Cloud Platform. So far, we are very happy with this decision. We like the reliability of the product offered by Google, but what we like even more is pub/sub - a messaging pattern. I will be talking about both: a messaging pattern and it's implementation by Google. I will describe, how we use Pub/Sub to communicate our services. How it simplifies adding new services and manage the complexity of the system. But also the problems we have encountered. The second part will be a live coding session. I will create a few simple applications, which will talk to each other using Cloud Pub/Sub. - TBD: Your name could be here! 8:00 Networking == Speakers Krzysztof - a software developer, with a passion for creating systems which work. He likes clean code, designing complex applications and working with people. For the last four years, he has been programming in Go. == About Sponsors - Ingrid (https://www.ingrid.com/) creates smart shipping solutions for e-commerce platforms. - Young/Skilled (https://www.youngskilled.com/) helps global brands succeed in commerce. - Centra (https://www.centra.com/) - the powerhouse e-commerce platform that does it all, so you can focus on growth. == Location details The surroundings of the building is still under construction, so we suggest avoiding mud and enter from Wszystkich Świętych St. (directions are available in the photos section).

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GoWroc #30: We are BACK!

Ingrid, Centra, Young/Skilled Office

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