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(MongoDB)->[:POPULATE]->(Neo4j) : Using MongoConnector to Populate Neo4j
This talk is about using MongoDB as a "staging" repository for other repositories like Neo4j. MongoConnector is a 10gen lab project that lets you monitor MongoDB operations and propagate data via CRUD operations into another store. In this talk we will show an implementation of a Neo4j DocManager and use Twitter data as example data to illustrate the process. This is an example of using MongoDB as a general store and Neo4j as a more specialized store, but with the ability to keep the data in both places in sync. The benefit is that once your data is in Neo4j you can make the kind of queries that are richer and more "graphy", ie. queries that traverse relationships, or relationships of relationships and so forth. Preliminary Outline Document-oriented nosql dbs vs. Graph-oriented nosql dbs, what does one have that the other doesn't The problem: we needed features of both Modeling pairs to nodes/edges Getting MongoDB and Neo4j to work together. Installation MongoDB ReplicaSets and OpLog MongoConnector (implemented in Python) Implementing a Neo4j DocManager Neo4j CUD (from "CRUD") with py2neo

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