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What we’re about

GraphQL is Facebook’s open-source query language specification for fetching application data. Designed to solve some of the biggest drawbacks of REST-like APIs. 

GraphQL is easy to learn and most programming languages have an implementation of the GraphQL spec. 

Check out the GraphQL spec here:

The goal of these meetups is to engage and grow the GraphQL community.
We would also like these events to be an opportunity for you to come and share with us your GraphQL story or learn more about GraphQL.

This time, powered by Hasura and Dgraph Labs, we are excited and geared up for a long-lasting and consistent series of events.

Don't worry if you haven't spoken at an event before. We highly encourage first-time speakers to apply and reach out to us.

The meetups will have both full-time talks of 25 minutes length and lightning talks of 5 minutes length.

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