A Tour of Caliban: FP GraphQL in Scala & Understanding Scala's Type System

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Talk1 Title: A Tour of Caliban: Functional GraphQL in Scala

Caliban is a library for creating GraphQL backends in Scala. It was designed with the goal of reducing boilerplate to a minimum while exposing a purely functional interface. In this talk, we’ll discover how to create a simple GraphQL API from the ground up, then we’ll dig into advanced features such as query optimization and middlewares. Finally, we will take a look at the recently released GraphQL client support.

Pierre Ricadat is a French engineer based in Seoul, South Korea. He’s been working on distributed systems architecture and development for the last 10 years. A few years ago he discovered the power of functional programming and started contributing to various projects within the ZIO ecosystem. He created Caliban in September 2019.

Talk2 Title: Understanding Scala's Type System

Scala has many types of types. This talk will take you on a tour of Scala’s type system, show you how it is evolving in Scala 3, and help you understand how everything fits together.

When I teach Scala, I find that many Scala programmers aren’t familiar with the many kinds of types that Scala’s type system encompasses. In this talk I would like to try and cover all the types of types in Scala, such as nominal, structural, singleton, refinement, higher-kinded, parameterized, bounded, abstract, path-dependent, sub-, super-, union, intersectionand touch on variance to boot.

Speaker Bio:
Bill Venners is president of Artima, Inc., provider of Scala consulting, training, books, and tools. He leads the open source projects for the ScalaTest testing library and the Scalactic library for functional, object-oriented programming. He is coauthor with Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon of the book, Programming in Scala. And he is a community representative on the Scala Center's Advisory Board.


6pm Welcome to SFScala by Alexy Khrabrov & Salar Rahmanian
6.15pm A Tour of Caliban: Functional GraphQL in Scala by Pierre Ricadat
7pm Understanding Scala's Type System by Bill Venners
8pm Wrap up and continue conversations on Slack

Note: Bill Venners is running a workshop that week, a hands-on Effective Scala training course April 21-24 over Zoom, details here:


Scala is an unopinionated language: It offers a wide array of choices, from familiar object-oriented features to sophisticated functional programming tools. While these choices offer great freedom, they can be bewildering. This workshop will help you learn the most effective ways to apply Scala to real-world programming problems.

Contact Salar Rahmanian via Slack for a discount code for this workshop for SFScala Members.

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