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GraphQL is replacing REST as the best way to model and exchange data between client and server. Companies such as GitHub, Credit Karma, and Coursera are building their future on it. GutHub GraphQL API was unveiled at the first GraphQL Summit in October in SF. The Meteor Development Group unveiled its GraphQL clients for JavaScript, Swift, and also Optics, its first product for GraphQL instrumentation.

In this meetup we'll connect backend and frontend developers around the GraphQL data model and schema, the polyglot ecosystem emerging rapidly about it, the engineering, consulting and educational opportunities, and startup amplification arising from GraphQL. We'll host talks by the founding fathers from Facebook, by the leading developers from the companies implementing GraphQL, and the new navigators sharing their odyssey. Come join, speak, host us!

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Scale By the Bay 2021

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Scale By the Bay 2020 begins this Thursday!

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Reactive Summit + SBTB 2020 CFP Open through July 31

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A Tour of Caliban: FP GraphQL in Scala & Understanding Scala's Type System

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