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What we’re about

LIVE MUSIC, friendly people, and an aerobic high...who could want more? Join us for high-energy contra dancing!

Contra is easy to learn. You don't need to bring a partner. We'll teach you everything, starting with a FREE beginner workshop before each dance! We're inclusive, so we don't use gender-role terms in our dances. Check out for videos, FAQs, and details on all our dances, as well as links to our communities on Facebook and Discord.

STUDENTS dance FREE at all our dances!

What's contra? Some quick answers (see video, more on the website):

- It's a fast, modern version of America's original non-native folk dance!
- If you've heard of speed dating, this might be called speed dancing. You dance with everyone in the room, every dance!
- Intergenerational community dancing fun! No leading or following. Experts and newbies all dance together, so you learn quickly. All dances are taught.
- It's as much a community of fun friends as an activity. We often go for ice cream or pancakes after dances.
- WE WELCOME BEGINNERS! Bring friends or come alone and make some!
- Dances get more challenging in the last hour, so there's something for everyone.

We dance most 2nd and 4th Fridays in Winter Park. This dance often has LIVE MUSIC and professional dance teachers, thanks to a grant from United Arts of Central Florida!

We sponsor a student-only dance at UCF, called Contra Knights, which is open to all students (not just UCF). Join the Discord for this dance:

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