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What we’re about

Greenspeakers is a Toastmasters International Club based in NYC that can help you develop speaking and leadership skills.  

Our mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning environment where you can develop communications and leadership skills, while fostering self-confidence and personal growth. 

What happens at a Greenspeakers meeting? 

Our meetings start with an inspirational welcome message from a club member who introduces the Toastmaster for the evening. The Toastmaster is the Master of Ceremonies and leads us through the rest of the agenda. 

Here is a typical agenda:

     •  Introductions: Each person briefly introduces herself or himself.

     •  Agenda review: An experienced member explains what happens in the different parts of the meeting for the benefit of newcomers. 

     •  Word/Quote/Joke of the day: Members presents us with a memorable word, quote, and joke.

     •  Table Topics: An experienced member reads from a list of prepared questions and calls on members and newcomers to give one-to-two minute responses. The questions are generally fun and intended to give you a chance to practice speaking without preparation. 

     •  Prepared Speeches: Two or three members deliver speeches that they have prepared in advance. These speeches can be about any subject, but they generally fall into one of ten categories defined by Toastmasters International. Most speeches are between five and seven minutes long. 

     •  Evaluations: Experienced members, chosen in advance, evaluate each of the prepared speeches. These evaluations are supportive, describe what the speaker did well, and how the speaker could improve. Evaluations are two to three minutes long. 

     •  Self-evaluations: Each prepared speaker gets a minute to tell us how she or he felt while preparing and delivering the speech. 

     •  Time-keeper: A member or newcomer takes on the responsibility to time each person who spoke during the meeting and reports the findings.

     •  Um-counter: A member or newcomer takes on the responsibility to record filler words used by each person who spoke during the meeting and reports the findings. Filler words include "um," "uh," "you know," "like,"  and several others.

     •  General Meeting Evaluator: An experienced member reviews and gives the group feedback about all aspects of the meeting. 

     •  Business meeting: The club President conducts a short business meeting. Club officers make reports and club policies are sometimes discussed.

     •  Voting: Members and newcomers vote for the best impromptu speech during Table Topics, the best prepared speech, and the best evaluation.

     •  Final Go-Around: We go around the room and each person briefly gives us feedback about the meeting.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact at us at any one of the sites below, or email us directly at

Find Greenspeakers on:  (Club Number 3172, District 46, Area F64) 

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