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GRID Reston is lead by CVO of The CAZA Group and Founder of GRID, Rob Chevez, and CEO of CAZA Construction and Managing Partner of GRID, Mark Beckett.

Rob and his wife, Kim, have been buying and selling real estate since 1999. They cut their teeth by buying a little townhouse in Merrifield, VA, which later become their first rental. Over the last 14 years they have personally bought and sold close to 50 properties and their real estate team has helped hundreds of families buy and sell real estate the smarter way.

Mr. Beckett has over 20 years of experience in real estate development, investing and construction. He has worked for several regional and national land developers and home-building companies and has managed the acquisition, entitlement, land development and construction process for multiple residential projects throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.


GRID started in 2007 with less than 10 people and has since grown to over 11,000 members in 12+ locations in 3 states.

We believe the networking, education and inspiration you need to become a real estate investing pro is best found at the local level – which means that you need local knowledge, local contacts and local resources to help you grow.

GRID represents who we are (a power network) and what we do:

G: grow (your database)

R: return (on relationships)

I: invest (in people and assets)

D: develop (leadership and expertise)

Each Chapter is run by active and experienced real estate entrepreneurs who are doing deals in their area and who have joined GRID to share their stories, facilitate conversations, nurture relationships, and create more business opportunities for everyone in the room.

We welcome real estate entrepreneurs of all experience levels to join us in the endeavor to build and expand your reach, knowledge-base, business, and potential.

See you out there!

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Where To Find The Money: Sourcing Private + Traditional Funds

Keller Williams Office

Here’s the short version—the money is the easy part. Find a motivated seller, get yourself a deal and the money will find you. Come out to this important discussion to find out how to get money for your deals from lenders, private sources, friends, family and GRID itself!

How To Maximize Investing Vehicles: Syndication + Self-Directed IRAs

Come for the training. Stay for the networking!

GRID Up 2020: A Wealth Mastermind [SAVE THE DATE]

Reston Association

SAVE THE DATE! Our annual fall wealth conference will be held Sept 5, 2020 in Reston, VA. Join us for an exclusive event—one day dedicated 100% to wealth building! We believe the future doesn't happen by accident. It takes dedication, intention, and a plan to get where you want to go. What do you want for your future? What are you building? How will you create passive income in your life? Do you have a road map to get where you want to go? What do you need to do now to get there? We invite real wealth builders who are walking the walk to share their experiences, best practices, and income and legacy-building strategies with YOU. Come for the education, stay for the networking. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION available soon. $$

How To Invest In Apartments: Scale Your Portfolio

Keller Williams Office

Having a quality rental property is a good thing— having dozens of them can be a game-changer that provides a steady income and generational wealth. We will discuss strategies to scale a rental portfolio and find deals in multi-unit properties.

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How To Buy + Hold: The Key To Wealth

Online event

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