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GRID Upper Marlboro is lead by powerhouse duo, Frank Godfrey and Victor Chopra.


GRID started in 2007 with less than 10 people and has since grown to over 10,000 members in 12+ locations in 3 states.

We believe the networking, education and inspiration you need to become a real estate investing pro is best found at the local level – which means that you need local knowledge, local contacts and local resources to help you grow.

GRID represents who we are (a power network) and what we do:

G: grow (your database)

R: return (on relationships)

I: invest (in people and assets)

D: develop (leadership and expertise)

Each Chapter is run by active and experienced real estate entrepreneurs who are doing deals in their area and who have joined GRID to share their stories, facilitate conversations, nurture relationships, and create more business opportunities for everyone in the room.

We welcome real estate entrepreneurs of all experience levels to join us in the endeavor to build and expand your reach, knowledge-base, business, and potential.

See you out there!

GRID Upper Marlboro

Frank Godfrey and Victor Chopra

Upcoming events (3)

How To Invest In Apartments + Scale Your Portfolio

Keller Williams Realty

Having a quality rental property is a good thing— having dozens of them can be a game-changer that provides a steady income and generational wealth. We will discuss strategies to scale a rental portfolio and find deals in multi-unit properties. Format: 1) Intro: 15 mins 2) Training: 50 mins 3) Deal sharing and networking

How To Be The Bank: Building Wealth Through Private Lending

Keller Williams Realty

Doing deals isn’t the only way (and maybe not even the best way) to make money investing in real estate. This event is all about how YOU can be the bank and how to properly structure loans to other investors that can provide solid, safe returns on your money— without getting your hands dirty. Format: 1) Intro: 15 mins 2) Training: 50 mins 3) Deal sharing and networking

GRID Holiday Party + Awards

Keller Williams Realty

Let’s celebrate! Our annual holiday party is all about celebrating success and sharing the stories and deals that inspire us all. We’ll award a deal of the year and hear the victory stories of our fellow investors.

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