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What we’re about

If you are looking for more in life, this group is for you. Many feel they work too much and run too fast, yet have forgotten where they are running to. <br>Some feel disconnected from their bodies and desires and struggle to know what they truly want and how to get it. <br>And others feel alone and struggle to meet people, really meet people and bring their relationship to the level of intimacy they actually desire. <br>In short, most people I know are hungry. Hungry for more. With no idea how to truly nourish themselves. This group is about creating more fulfillment, intimacy, passion and connection with ourselves and with others.

It is about getting to know ourselves and (re)discovering who we truly are. <br>It is about letting go of the beliefs we have about who we need to be or should be and allowing ourselves be who we truly are. <br>It is about understanding what it means for us to be a man / a woman. <br>It is about fully embracing and stepping into our masculine / feminine – in all our relationships (with ourselves, with the same sex, with the opposite sex, at work, with our family, …) <br>It is about understanding others - the same or the opposite sex. <br>It is about learning to identify what we want, expressing it and learning to have it.

Join us at our weekly coffee talks to share, connect and explore what it means to be fully intimate and connected with ourselves and others. Or keep an eye out for one of our events.

You can also see more about what I'm about at:

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