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The 2021 Marketing Playbook: How to Grow your Business during the Covid Era

*This webinar will be held on Big Marker. Participants can click on the following link to complete registration before the event: https://www.growthmarketer.academy/webinar/how-to-grow-your-business-during-the-covid-era

About Speaker - Tim Chan:
Tim is the founder of Growth Marketer Academy & HelloReporter. During his time helping 100+ businesses and fundraised startups on digital marketing & PR, he achieved HKD1m revenue with ROAS 200 in 2 months, acquired 50+ business clients via 100% organic strategy in his 1st year of B2B business.

Who Is It For?
* Brand marketers who use digital to grow
* Digital marketers who want to learn feasible growth strategies
* Operators who wish to increase revenue growth in the post-epidemic era continuously

What Will I learn?
* Master feasible growth strategies and skills to acquire new users
* Use data to drive business growth
* Seek solutions to grow business and increase revenue under the epidemic

About Growth Marketer Academy:
Growth Marketer Academy is the 1st growth marketing school in Asia. We have footprints in 5 cities (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Manila, Singapore, Jakarta) and equipped over 1000+ marketers with actionable tactics.
Language: English

Official Page: https://www.growthmarketer.academy/
Join Webinar for Free: https://www.growthmarketer.academy/webinar/how-to-grow-your-business-during-the-covid-era

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