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Experience Guided Meditation, Sound Bath, Gong & Pyramid Healing. Guided Meditation and Sound Baths at Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center improves focus, attention & reduces stress.
The Sound takes you down into a deep state of meditation automatically and that deep state helps dissolve your worries, and sets you up for a day of enhanced focus, creativity and energy. Sound Therapy has many benefits. It can boost immunity and increase oxygen intake. It reduces stress, anxiety & depression, regulates heart rate as well as decreasing migraines, and pain. Relax on a yoga mat or seated in a chair. You will be guided with a meditation while listening to Crystal Tibetan and kaliski bowls being played. Meditation can bring happiness and lead to enlightenment. Sound energy healing focuses on creating vibrations that alter brain states, enabling shifts of consciousness which can affect overall health and wellness, Sound and music can be powerful tools in the healing process. The sound emanating from the crystal Singing and Kileski bowls affects our frequency vibration. . Sound can show significant improvements in health conditions, from increasing cancer survival rates to reducing pain in chronic sufferers. Some of the Verified effects of Sound Healing are: Reduced Blood Pressure, Reduced Heart rate, Respiration Rates, Depression, Migraines, Pain, and Increased Oxygen Intake.
Benefits of Sound and Meditation:
Promotes flow of energy or QI
Relaxes muscle tension
Balance adrenals
Promotes sleeps
Reduces stress, anxiety, & joint pain.
Relieves strained muscles, migraines & sinuses.
Increase bone density
Lower blood pressure.
Individual Sound Healing Session Available- During a individual Sound Healing Session you will be on a massage table and will receive Chakra Balancing with Sound and Vibration. It is massage at the molecular level. Energy creates vibrations which assist in the healing process. The sound emanating from the crystal singing bowls affects our frequency. It can reduce stress, anxiety, and lower blood pressure

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I have attended several meditation sessions with Carol. Her soft voice guides you through the meditation playing the singing crystal bowls and Kaleski bowls. The bowls frequencies reach different pitches and resonate throughout the room while you relax on a mat or sit in a chair comfortably for an hour and half. The vibrations can be felt throughout the body as she speaks to each Chakra. My personal experience is that once you control your thoughts from straying and concentrate on the Chakras that each bowl represents, you feel balance within your body that spills into your daily life and sleep especially well. I practice at home but do not get the same results as with her techniques. Carol also uses tuning forks and crystal pyramids to aid in the balancing and I have found they help my arthritis as well. Her knowledge of essential oils and other methods Reiki, massage therapy shows me that she is truly dedicated to improving ones health.
Thank you

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4358 Culver Rd


Let Christian be your guide to all that life has to offer with an intuitive card reading.


Cristian’s readings include card decks of many types. He is guided and assisted by spirit in his readings. His hope with these workings is to bring hope, healing and love to all of us in these difficult times. Cristian looks forward to assisting you as you walk your life’s path and spiritual journey.

Christian is available by appointment from 12 to 4pm on the following dates:
Mar 24th & 31st
Apr 7th, 14th

2023 event dates
Mar 18th St Patty's Psychic Readings 12 to 4pm

To schedule a reading with Christian Call or text (585)[masked] to reserve your time. Appointment must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center
4358 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622
$45 / 30 min

Guided Sound Healing Meditation

4358 Culver Rd


The vibration takes you down into a deep state of meditation, automatically and that deep state helps dissolve your worries, and sets you up for a day of enhanced focus, creativity and energy. Relax and de-stress your body, mind & spirit with the sound of singing bowls and guided imagery. Reduces stress and anxiety.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring your favorite yoga mat, blanket, or pillow.

Please turn off cell phones. When the meditation ends please stay quietly and peacefully on your mat and take in the healing vibes until everyone has had a chance to experience the Grounding Bowl.

Cost $20.00
RSVP Required
Please arrive by 11:50 we start at 12:00

Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center
4358 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622.
3 minutes from the 590 / 104 expressway


4358 Culver Rd


Come join Cristian Mateo and Mercedes Gaicaz for a Séance & Messaging Circle and connect with the "Other Side” for Guidance, Clarity and Spiritual Healing. The evening’s event starts and doors lock at 7pm, we recommend arriving by 6:50pm and reservations are advised. $45 per person. We look forward to sharing the gifts the universe and Great Spirit has for you, with hopes it will be a memorable experience for all those who participate. Blessings.
March 24th 7 – 9pm

Fri March 24, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Cost $45.00
RSVP Required[masked]
Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center
4358 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622.
3 minutes from the 590 / 104 expressway

Kundalini Yoga & Sound

4358 Culver Rd


Kundalini Energy is used to balance the chakras, creating a clear path for energy to rise. By opening and balancing our chakras, we enhance all aspects of our lives and strengthen our internal “survival tools” to manage today’s challenges. We will speak mantras for letting go and feeling better.
We will be practicing kundalini yoga poses to balance your Chakras & empower you. Gentle Stretches, affirmations and breath work for the body and mind. While in the yoga pose you will receive kundalini Reiki & sound healing. The movement in your body will create movement in your life enabling us to reach a higher state of consciousness and mental clarity.
The answers to your own happiness lies within. You will notice your inner world and the changes that are taking place. At the end of the class, we will vibrate with truth. Recommend for individuals who want to improve circulation and decrease stress. Class ends with Sound Bath with Gongs and singing bowls. This is a beginner Kundalini Yoga.
Morissette is a Reiki Master/Teacher of Usui, Johrei & Kundalini Reiki.
Cost $20

Sat March 25, 10:30PM – 11:30PM

Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center
4358 Culver Road, Rochester, NY, 14622
RSVP www.meetup.com/Rochester-Friends-Who-Meditate, call or text (585)[masked]

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Tapping for anxiety

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