What we're about

Hack and Tell

A "show and tell" meet-up for Hackers in Hyderabad

If you've ever visited Hacker News, you've almost certainly seen the "Show HN"or "Ask HN" posts. Well, it's time to get off the Internet and tell us about it face to face. We'll provide you with our honest feedback, you provide us with a great hack, or idea.

Meetup format

• Members sign up in advance, to present.

• Each presenter has 5 minutes to show off their hack (a tool, library, etc., that they built)

• 5 minutes for the audience to applaud, cry, laugh, inquiry, snore, chew, stand, sit, dance, grow, interact, etc.

We hope that the audience provides lots of great feedback and asks interesting questions!

Presentation rules

While all technology is fair game, there are a few rules:

- No deckware/varporware. It doesn't have to be completely finished or polished, but it does need to be something you've actually made.
- No startup pitches. Ever.
- No work projects [1]. No presentations that are just promoting commercial software.

[1]: Let me clarify the "no job projects" rule. We want to promote the projects that people do in their spare time, for fun, or utility, and not the kinds of projects that are only applicable to people who work in your company, or your direct clients. On the other hand, there may be a project that you've built primarily at work, that solves a *general* problem that your company has allowed you to release with a libre license--this is usually fine.

Code of Conduct and Social Rules

We strive to be a community that provides a friendly, safe and environment for all. We have a Code of Conduct and a set of Social Rules (https://github.com/punchagan/hack-and-tell-hyd#code-of-conduct-and-social-rules). Please keep them in mind when interacting with members of this group.

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