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This is a location for Startups, Events, Lectures, Hackathons, DevHouses, tinkering, brainstorming, co-working, and more! We have events occurring on a daily basis @ hackerdojo.org

Upcoming events (4+)

Interview prep: data structures and algorithms

Needs a location

Topic: trees

This is an ongoing series of weekly interview prep workshops for both novices and more experienced engineers. Each workshop covers the following:
- soft skills from a recruiter's / hiring manager's perspective
- the theory behind a given data structure or algorithm design paradigm
- live coding with two related problems of various difficulty (think 2sum and 3sum)

We'll be using Python mostly, but all programming languages are welcome like Typescript, Rust, C++, et al

September 2022
This month we'll be focusing on tree data structure and various algorithms that use it.

- 6pm: warm up
- 6:30pm: a talk on soft skills by Jeff
- 7pm: a talk on trees by Leo
- 7:30pm: problem solving
- 10pm: hard stop

Leo will cover the following:
- the dictionary problem
- abstract data types Map and Set
- binary search trees vs hash tables
- dictionaries with tries
- history of trees, BSTs, and tries
- self-balancing trees (AVL and red-black)
- cache and data locality, heaps
- B/B+ trees in databases
- segment trees for time series
- R-trees in geometry

Staying in touch
Our discord: https://discord.gg/aBBnguYCA5
Join us in #interview_prep channel

Food, zoom, and parking
Please bring your own food if you're hungry.
The event will be hybrid (in-person and over Zoom). Zoom link will be posted in discord.
There is a ton of parking around the building.

See you on Wednesday!

Combine Hardware and Software Optimization for AI in One day

Needs a location

Intermediate AI Session
This is a three-part event series

Get a behind-the-scenes look at optimization techniques (NNCF, and POT), hardware instruction sets, and the libraries and toolkit you need to get the ultimate performance. See how to accelerate your models on modern hardware including Intel iGPUs.

RSVP soon, as space is limited

You'll learn how to:

  • Train & Optimize with techniques like Neural Network Compression Frameworks and Post Training Optimization tools to greatly improve the performance of your model
  • Maximize hardware performance with hardware instruction sets such as AVX-512 VNNI, bfloat16, XMX, and AMX extensions
  • Use OpenVINO's plugins (CPU, GPU, Auto) to deploy models on the different hardware architectures

What you should bring:
- A Windows laptop with OpenVINO installed.

Event Schedule:
5 PM - Happy Hour + Intro
Join us for food and drinks before the event. The first 45 minutes of each event will include an opportunity for you to network and connect with other event attendees and the Intel and HackerDojo teams. There will be free beer, selzers and snacks for you to enjoy while you mingle.

6:15 PM - Hands-On Workshops
Whether you're just getting started or have been developing AI apps for some time, join us for a workshop and learn how you can optimize your AI models.

7:45 PM - Giveaways
We've got lots of fun gifts like backpacks, t-shirts, hoodies and hardware we'll be giving away throughout the night. We'll have 25 swag bags up for grabs, plus a few bigger items that will be handed out toward the end of each event!

See you at the Dojo!

Dark Mode - Coding at Night

Needs a location

Join us in the Hacker Dojo for the dev party of the year. We are the hackers chilling + coding to Techno + Trance music in the coolest party space in the Bay Area.

Its guaranteed to be loud - we don't have any neighbors to complain here at the Dojo. Stay home if you can't handle it. No joke - ear plugs might be a good idea. We have a dance area to chill during long builds.

Time: 8PM till late. Welcome to come earlier to chill. Doors open at 6pm.

Playlist: Bring yours, bribe the DJ.

Dress Code: LIGHT MODE or DARK MODE - pick your setting! Special prizes for the coolest dressed. Think of it as a Halloween test-drive.

Snacks: Please bring food + drink to share. Keep your brain hydrated for optimum hacking performance. We have water available.

Rules: Behave like your mommy+daddy taught you. This is a CLEAN EVENT - no alcohol, etc. No warnings. No exceptions.

Getting home: If you decide to stay late, please be aware you need to consider your transport home (via Uber, Lift, pooling, etc) since transport options are limited. You CANNOT stay overnight at the Dojo. Our doors close at around 1:30am depending on the vibe. Please ASK if you need help with transport.

Event swag: We have really cool Dojo T-shirts available. Support our community and strut your stuff.

See you at DARK MODE!!

Startup Builder's Accountability Circle

Needs a location

Let's keep the momentum going after YC Startup School Summer 2022 cohort. We'll be getting together monthly to keep each other accountable and on track.

- 6pm: meet and greet
- 7pm: share KPIs and progress updates
- 8:30pm: rest and recharge

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/aBBnguYCA5

See you in September.

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Dynamic Meditation

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