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What we’re about


290 Pratt ST (2nd FL)


The NESIT mission is to foster collaborative learning in science and technology.

We do this by:

* Providing members a place to explore technical and creative projects.
* Hosting frequent, high quality and technical public workshops
* Teaching computer basics to the general public via free computer clinics
* Building a community of makers and hackers that thrive on sharing their knowledge.

Our Story

NESIT was founded in early 2010 by a group five friends who were looking to build out a physical workspace where we could create things (like a linux wet bar), experiment with HAM radio & network equipment, share and build knowledge in information security, participate in community charitable work and have a fun place to hang out.

We witnessed the explosion of the hackerspace movement first-hand at HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth), by following the work of the Chaos Computer Club, and by talking with and watching the lectures of Mitch Altman. So we decided that we would use hackerspace model design patterns (specifically those of our friends at Noisebridge & Alpha One Labs ) to build and govern our organization. By early June we finalized our incorporation and by July had located a large industrial space which was within our means and central to everyone.

Currently we have 25 members, hundreds of supporters and a massive workshop in which we’re able to further our mission. We run activities of some type at least three days per week, and have seen steady growth in membership since day one.

None of this would be possible without the generous donations we’ve received and the supreme dedication of our officers, board, and members. We welcome all to visit us during our open ours so we can show you first hand what we are about!