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What we’re about

Hacking Thursday is initiated by a group of free software/open source developers who reside in Taipei. They gather every Thursday evening at a specific coffee shop. In a non-meeting format, they exchange and implement their own ideas, with a relaxed meeting process that accepts and encourages conceptual thinking, new project initiation, and learning from each other through collaborative development and experience sharing. The meetings are very casual, and may occasionally result in the following dispersed behaviors:

  • Discussion of web, network, programming, system, blablah…
  • Exchange of system tools & usage techniques
  • Gossiping

The attendees of the gathering are both listeners and potentially lighting talk speakers.

Hacking Thursday 是由幾位居住於台北地區的自由軟體/開放原碼開發者所發起,每週四晚上會於特定咖啡店聚會。以非會議形式、交換並實做各自提出的想法,輕鬆的會議過程以禮貌、謙遜與尊重的互信態度接納並鼓勵概念發想、發起新計畫、並從開發者的協同開發與經驗分享中互相學習。聚會十分的隨性,不時產生下列分散的行為:

  • 討論 web, network, programming, system, blablah…
  • 交流系統工具 & 使用技巧
  • 八卦

聚會與會者都是聽眾,但同時也可能是 lighting talk 講者。

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