My First Microcontroller with AST Space

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Small but mighty.

That's how you describe microcontroller boards like the Arduino Uno. Microcontrollers are the small, single chip computers designed to be the brains of products we use every day. They are used in embedded systems and can be found everywhere from our cars and refrigerators, to watches and HVAC systems.

Join HackLafayette as we explore the AST Space Microcontroller Starter Kit, which includes an Arduino Uno compatible microcontroller board, a custom designed hardware module with sensors, and several other component boards for running experiments. Special guest and kit developer Xiaotian Chen, from the AST team, will be leading us through exercises building three circuits that involve a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a proximity sensor, and an LCD screen. No programming experience needed to participate. We'll have 8 kits available to play with and give away at the end.

AST Space is a multidisciplinary community open lab comprised of artists, makers, developers, designers, scientists, and others. Their goal is share knowledge and turn people's ideas into reality. The space is supported by the Zhejiang Association for Sci & Tech, ZJ University, and the China Academy of Art.

Before the event:
As we get closer to the event, we'll post more details about what you'll need to bring to fully participate in the event. You may need a computer for this event and the ability to install hardware drivers. We'll also try to have some extra computers available for people to work with.