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We talk about hacking and infosec in our group.

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WMD’s for the Information Age: A look at EMP’s and the vulnerability of our grid

-- Special Event -- This meeting will take place online. Meeting URL will be provided soon. WMD’s for the Information Age: A look at EMP’s and the vulnerability of our grid Electromagnetic pulses are now weaponized and ready to be used against our nation's critical assets. An EMP is a pulse of radiation similar to what a popcorn bag experiences in your microwave. We have seen solar radiation in the past hit the earth and cause significant damage to telegraphs and primitive phone lines at a time our digital world was at its infancy. Outside of another cataclysmic event from the sun, we are starting to see the dangers of state actors using this phenomenon as a weapon more insidious than traditional nuclear threats. Our grid is vulnerable to EMPs because of the nature of our energy distribution. Restoration of the grid is possible with proper preparation and available equipment. The key is that in the aftermath of such attacks critical technology systems such as SCADA networks are also not compromised. As of 2020, many fear the legacy systems that operate and generate our nation's power can’t keep up with the modern threats. Presenter Hector Lopez Academic background in electrical engineering specializing in Intelligent control systems, graduating from FAU in 2009 BSEE, 2015 MSEE. Currently a PhD candidate at FAU researching control strategies for emerging distributed energy management technologies. Worked as a test engineer for Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems focusing on upgrading analog circuitry for Patriot missiles to modern embedded systems. Moved into research development of digital radiation dosimeters for department of homeland security . Then finally landing as an energy management systems programmer for FPL’s parent company NextEra Energy. My career at NextEra gave me the opportunity to work with the US’s first industrial battery site , manage power marketing trade platforms , retrofit wind turbines, design and install SCADA systems for solar sites, generate 5 patents around renewable control systems. Eventually leading to my role as a Technology Leader pioneering legacy migration from traditional historians to the streaming of power generation telemetry from across the country into an AWS cloud environment at near real-time resolution.

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