Introduction GNU Radio / MISP Framework

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GNURadio is a SDK for implementing software defined radios and signal processing systems. While powerful and versatile, it can be daunting to work with for beginners. This presentation will introduce you to some of the basic concept involved in implementing a SDR in GNURadio, demo implementations of an AM and FM radio in GNURadio Companion, and demonstrate how GNURadio can be used to decode modulated digital signals, such as those used in garage door openers.
Presenter: Phil Werlau

MISP Framework
Threat actors are automating their workflows; shouldn’t operations teams be able to do so as well? Threat intelligence teams, Operations and DFIR need a place to communicate and automate against.
The MISP platform allows for teams to quickly document and search indicators and threat actor activities so the Human memory doesn’t have to identify or even remember the infinite number of patterns faced by analysts today. This saturday (9/19/2020) - explore an open source threat intelligence and malware information sharing platform and ecosystem, as well as discussing how it integrates and enriches data against open source and commercial solutions.

Tony Pujals
Security Analytics and Threat Researcher
With over 20 years experience helping government and private sector companies with security monitoring strategy, Tony Pujals started his career in the VAR space - moving to managed security service providers (MSSPs) and finally specializing in Security incident and event monitoring systems (SIEMs) and threat hunting analytics.