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The Human Awareness Institute (HAI Global) is a 50 year old non-profit organization offering workshops and trainings in love, intimacy and sexuality.

We are all about bringing more love and acceptance into the world.
Do you long for an inclusive community where you can grow your ability to communicate and have thriving relationships? Then our workshops are for you!

We offer a range of workshops and educational materials to get you started – we're offering something new all the time! You can learn more about us and our mission at www.hai.org (http://www.hai.org/)

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Tending to Our Hearts: A Radical Intimacy Workshop for BIPOC

Workshop Details:
This workshop takes place online and is hosted by HAI Global. It costs $144 per person (scholarships available – see below).
To Register: https://www1.hai.org/Register/?cnpvar=MEETUP#id=a0O1Y00000fciWXUAY

Are you a BlPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) person who is often called on to tend to the hearts and wellbeing of others? Whether you are a health professional, counselor, front-line worker, family member or friend — YOU are ESSENTIAL to someone. Please accept this invitation to join us and other BIPOC people as we tend to our own hearts and wellbeing. Experience being deeply witnessed, held and understood while increasing your capacity to be powerful in your own world.

At the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), we create spaces where people learn and practice tools for deep listening and emotional vulnerability. At Tending to Our Hearts: A Radical Intimacy Workshop for BIPOC, we will create a container of compassion and deep respect, inviting members of racialized communities to explore our feelings and beliefs around emotional intimacy and connection.

We recognize that something valuable — even sacred — happens when BIPOC people are able to come together and share freely and unapologetically about our lives. Through experiential exercises and sharing, workshop participants will have the opportunity to look inwards, speak their truth, and be heard.

So often we are “doers” — teaching, empathizing, holding space for and listening to others. In this one-day workshop we will create a space for us to simply “be” with one other. We will have the opportunity to become aware of and perhaps even relax our armor. We will examine the walls that we hold up that keep us safe, but also limit us in our power and beauty.

By the end of this workshop you will:

– Practice tools for Radical Intimacy, such as speaking your truth and heart-centered listening
– Experience ‘Unity’ without ‘Uniformity’
– Become grounded by the knowing that you are not alone
– Enjoy the freedom of expression that comes with BIPOC people relating among ourselves
– Have the opportunity to reflect upon and share with others your unique experience within the BIPOC community
– This event is designed specifically for members of racialized communities of all genders and orientations. If you do not identify as
Black, Indigenous or as a Person of Color, we ask that you pass this invitation on to someone who does. Please feel free to share this invitation with members of BIPOC communities.

Limited sliding scale scholarships are available upon request: Email [masked] to inquire. This workshop is for individuals who are 18 years or older.

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