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This is a group for anyone interested in hiking, sport, singing, BBQ, party and making new friends . We are welcoming to all young guys and girls who want to have Fun, Party, hiking, Sport and laughing to enjoy the life in Hong Kong has to offer! We are looking forward to see you in our various events soon ^^

希望能讓大家一起分享生活點滴, 留住快樂美好時光.

Happy Together 歡迎各年青人希望認識新朋友的你加入 ^0^

Outdoor & Adventure: BBQ, Hiking (Hong Kong Trail, Geopark Hiking etc..), Cycling, badminton, Photography

Indoor & Party: Boardgame, Karaoke, Christmas party, Gathering party, Language exchange party

Self-Empowerment Workshop: Arts Workshop, Making Dessert, Cooking Class, Language (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean)

Love Green: Vegan Dinner, Organic farming, Green Art, Volunteer (探訪長者,支持環保及愛護動物公益活動)

Theme Song :Happy Together


Our rules

This is not allowed to promote anything in the group including another Group in the" Happy together" Group , insurance and etc... Please respect. Thank you.

Upcoming events (2)

😋舌尖漫遊中國:Yummy China Day Tour - 歡樂海岸-色香味高級點心宴

Chinese food with its variety and complexity is undoubtedly one of the finest cuisines in the world. It is delicious, healthy and, above all, different. Do you love traveling If you have a passion for travel and would love to meet like-minded fun and vibrant individuals, then this is the tour for you! Ready your chopsticks for a China foodie adventure!~ 深圳最有特色海岸:歡樂海岸 OCT Harbour 歡樂海岸是華僑城集團旗下項目,它美的很現代,有美麗的海灣,也有健行的海濱棧道,是一個有多處好玩,又可拍照的映方。它落座在深圳的海岸線上,整座歡樂城顯得很華麗,歡樂海岸包括一座豪華的SHOPING Mall,商場的屋頂的花園中有些咖啡座,可以一邊品嚐咖啡一邊欣賞海景。深圳滄海桑田,如今已整座城市綠化的情形更讓人驚訝,而歡樂海岸城除了華麗的建築,四週滿眼鬱鬱蔥蔥林蔭大道,很適合休閒散步聊天及放鬆心情去享受,除了以綠化商場為主體的建築外,是一座具時尚娛樂、生態休憩,兼具度假為一體的育樂綜合體。 很美的一處購物商場兼休憩場所,城市綠化很成功,周邊那些高檔社區,是吸引人的誘惑,歡樂海岸,是一個非常現代的綠化建築群,每棟建築都有它的風格, 既獨特又新穎,設計的很有特點,室內設計,別具一格的設計,把休憩和購物很巧妙地搭配起來,卻也有一種時尚美,曲線的運用,賦予建築鮮活生命,裝飾別具風格,很有意境。 OCT Harbour (originally OCT Bay) is fast becoming one of Shenzhen’s top destinations for leisure, dining, and shopping. It’s also a must-see places on a Shenzhen trip. The OCT Bay development covers a staggering 1.25million sqm and features a large shopping mall, a lake, a beach, canal, restaurants, bars and leisure activities.The place is a pleasure to walk around, one because it’s so new and clean, two because of thoughtful design that merges modernity with traditional styles. The area features beautifully wide pedestrian only walking paths . Private Tour Rundown: 2:00PM--落馬洲港鐵站月台集合(第十一車箱) Lok Ma Chau MTR Platform (11 th car) 3:00PM--歡樂海岸 OCT Harbour 5:00PM--Happy Hour (we can find a place to sit-down, order a glass of drink or coffee to have a HAPPY HOUR!) 7:00PM--華強北: 滋味品嚐地道美食-色香味高級點心宴 Yummy Luxury Chinese Dim Sum 9:30PM--福田口岸解散 Fution Port **(Optional) We can go to have a Massage for relaxing after the dinner!** Tour Fee: (including transportation, Yummy Luxury Chinese Dim Sum dinner & a tour guide) Payment on or before 24 March:HKD 180 Payment on or before 29 March:HKD 200 Payment on 30 March:HKD220.00 ( walk-in Allowed ;If you wanna walk-in, please feel free to contact Kitty Whatsapp[masked]) Please deposit to the bank account as below and send the bank-in receipt to whatsapp kitty[masked] for confirming your enrollment. Hang Seng Bank :[masked] (Can transfer at HSBC ATM as well) Bank of China :[masked] (YXX KXX CXXX) Payme:[masked] PayPal: [masked] If you have any enquiry, please feel free to Whatapps[masked] Kitty Remark: 1. Pls make sure you have the needed ID document for you to go in and out of China 2. (Optional) You are adviced to purchase your own travel/accidental insurance

復活節✨齊齊玩交友派對Easter Party✨KTV☆Mahjong☆­Boardgame☆Dar­­­­­­­­­t☆­S­n­o­oker(­第37回­)

Let’s happy together!~ O(◕‿◕)O~ 今個復活節的週末你想點過呢? Happy together將與你一齊渡過這個週末,將各款好玩的遊戲、桌上運動、美食及笑聲拼湊成一個輕鬆愉快的週末,仲可以認識好多新朋友仔添~ 這裡小食任食任飲、boardgames、飛鏢、桌球、麻雀等統統任玩唔嬲。 想過一個輕鬆又好玩的週末就快D來參加啦~ Any plans this Easter Holidays? Happy together will be with you this Holidays. There will be lots of fun games, treats and laughters in this coming relaxing weekend, meeting lots of new friends as well. Including: -小食任食 (Nuts) -飲品任飲 (Drink) - Free chat -Karoake -Lot of Board Game -美式桌球枱 (Snooker) -飛鏢機(Darts ) -乒乓球 (Table tennis) -麻雀 (Mahjong) -TV Game (Wii、PS3) -賽車機動遊戲 (Car Racing Game) -鋼琴及結他 (Piano and Guitar) -足球機 (football game) - Free wi-fi - Exchange contact time ~Dinner can be arranged among yourselves freely after activity.(optional) ~It is also welcome that you bring food to share with friends. ***活動以朋友派對型式進行, 大家可自由交換CONTACT If you want to have a relaxing and fun weekend, come and join us!~務求為大家帶來一個輕鬆愉快的週末,有得玩,有得食,氣氛熱鬧,讓大家樂在其中也可讓大家輕輕鬆鬆地認識新朋友!~ 地址: 沙田大圍成運路成全工業大厦2樓203室 (大圍地鐵站A出口右行3分鐘路程) Location: Rm 03, 2/F , Shing Chuen Industrial building, 25 Shing Wan Rd, Tai Wai. Contact:[masked] Kitty Time: 2:00PM – 6:00PM (歡迎中途加入) Please RSVP to reserve your seat. Payment : HKD110 (pay at the entrance) **Please RSVP only if you are coming, those not showing up / the last minute dropouts (2 times) in a row would be taken off the group list.

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