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What we’re about

Happy Tribe is for Singles, Separated, Divorced & Widowers 

Happy Tribe offers you a unique opportunity to meet the people you would like to meet. 

It's a community not built for dating or matrimony, not even to share sob stories. It is built with an objective to make life a celebration with new friends.

** There is a screening process to Join Happy Tribe, and membership is offered only after the screening

The Organizers reserve the right to remove or ban members due to many factors like fake profiles, Cyber-bullying, member’s aggressive & persistent annoying personality traits (harassment), offensive behaviour, Etc. The Organizers do not necessarily have to give any written notice stating of reasons for removal of members who are not complying with the "theme" of this group

Any queries/concerns about the group rules below are best addressed to the Organizer. You can send the Organizer a message via this site.