The Hedera Hashgraph Developer Experience, Request for RSVP

Hedera Hashgraph - Denver & Boulder
Hedera Hashgraph - Denver & Boulder
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Please help out our gracious host, General Assembly with your RSVP.


The Hedera Hashgraph Developer Experience will be a monthly meetup event throughout 2019, starting February 12th, 2019.

Interested in what lies behind this new form of distributed consensus?

The Denver Boulder Hashgraph Meetup will be offering monthly technical meetups on how to get up and running on the Hedera Hashgraph Testnet and public network.

Sign-up and learn from the developers of the platform on how to build decentralized applications on top of the Hedera Hashgraph network using the native HBAR cryptocurrency.

These regularly held developers’ meetups will include the following subjects throughout the year:

* An introduction to distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) focusing on the properties of DLTs, types of DLTs, and comparisons of consensus mechanisms in the market today.

* The Hashgraph consensus algorithm - a deep dive into hashgraph that touches on:
- Gossip about gossip
- Virtual voting
- The Hedera public ledger
- Security
- Stability
- Governance

* Getting started with the Hedera testnets, and environment setup:
- Hedera portal registration
- Testnet access
- Documentation
- Examples

* An overview of the crypto economics of Hedera Hashgraph, including details around proxy staking, fees, and node payments on the Hedera public network. As well as the role that cryptocurrency plays on the network.

* A technical overview of Hedera services such as:
- Micropayments
- Smart contracts
- File storage
- Cryptocurrency

Refreshments will be served (pizza, beer and soda)