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Startup, established business or freelancer? Put aside time once a month to turn up the temperature on your business growth. We will cover topics in a rotation including: * focusing your business direction * validating your business and revenue model * determining what makes you unique in your market * developing the right words to describe your business to potential clients * analyzing your market including competitors * developing a marketing plan * building your website: your home on the web * driving traffic to your website using digital marketing * using technology to hook customers on your business * making your processes efficient, consistent and profitable Meeting topics will be set at least 30 days in advance. Sessions are recorded and will be made available to those who attend.

hb5 co/work

42 Union Street South, Suite A · Concord, NC

What we're about

hb5 co/work ( is the place to find and connect with professionals and artists working together, learning from each other and building businesses in Historic Downtown Concord, North Carolina. hb5 is bringing startup energy and a modern space optimized for productivity and learning to Concord to help kickstart the tech and creative communities and support entrepreneurship in the region.

co/work serves as a center for business startup and growth in Downtown Concord providing access to technology, learning opportunities and real, face-to-face networking and assistance to help local businesses, remote workers, freelancers and content creators to find each other and partner together to dream, design, build, market and deliver new products and services.

hb5 co/work provides a location and environment that allows start ups, freelancers, remote workers and content creators to mix in one physical location. Through building community and events, members will be coached, mentored, supported and encouraged in their goals and efforts, while gaining access to diverse learning opportunities and resources.

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