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There are a couple of discussions afoot and major changes making their way in so its probably a good time to have a face-to-face pow-wow to demo, to discuss designs, and generally dev huddle. This would be mostly focused on project internals and maybe last half a day. All contributors welcome:

Here are some suggestions for agenda items.

* Jimmy on Major Assignment Manager refactor

* Enis on integration testing infrastructure

* Jesse on secondary indexes

* Process change ideas:
- Revisit check-in policies for trunk and sustaining branches. Come up w/ some ideas.
- Strategies for keeping Jenkins blue? Have a flaky test list that avoids running flaky tests? File a JIRA automatically on failure?
- Holistic reviews of some subsystem's code (there are some convoluted evolved portions of code that could use some intelligent redesign)

If there is anything you'd like to discuss, write the meeting organizer and we will add it to the agenda.