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What we’re about

Welcome to Healing Clinic! We offer Pranic Healing for common ailments like headache, back ache, gastrointestinal distress, cough & cold, as well as stress and other emotional health issues. We use specific Pranic Healing protocols designed to help you heal faster and more easily than you otherwise would.

Each Sunday at 5 pm, we're open to the public for short personal healing sessions with a Pranic Healer.  For your 15 minute session, just click one of our events and register. Then Zoom in at 5 pm. You can come back as often as you wish - many people join us each Sunday. Cost: $20.

Pranic Healing can also help speed healing of more serious conditions. We've successfully worked on heart conditions, cancer, brain injury, trauma & anxiety, and so much more. You may certainly try a short Sunday session - many people with serious illness have gotten great benefit from short healings.

For a longer session, please contact us for a referral to a professional Pranic Healer. You can either send us a message thru Meetup or email us at Full length Pranic Healing sessions cost from $60 to $125, depending upon the healer.

Learn more at our website:

If you're a veteran, there is no charge for healing. You may also book an in person appointment with a Pranic Healing at our location in Newtown, PA: