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Microsoft Technology Center

640 8th Avenue · New York, NY

How to find us

Check in at the Microsoft Welcome Center on 8th Avenue between 41st and 42nd

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We started this meetup group to bring new ideas to healthcare faster and we are proud to have been able to help hundreds of companies like Phreesia, Abilto, IHT Spirit, 1DocWay, Avado, and Blueprint Health gain the momentum they need to go from product to pilot to sales to changing healthcare.

Now, for the first time we will have a whole day focused on helping 20 great companies attain the momentum they need to get to the next level. Join hundreds of investors, partners, early adopters, hospital leaders, and patient leaders and help make the magic happen!

Got Momentum?

If you have a great idea that is just getting going, building a little momentum and want much more, then this is the event for you. Apply ( to make the pitch Finals on stage in front of 200 people and our massive online crowd following the livestream on ( and twitter ( (#MedMo15). This is our largest prize package ever and it could exceed a $50,000 value but in truth, it is priceless. That's because it is designed to include everything a startup with a great idea and a solid team needs to succeed. It is still growing but so far includes:

• Awareness - Millions of impressions online and off that your company is ready for the big leagues (even making the finals is a big deal as you can see from our last big contest (

• Early Adopters - The audience is filled with people looking for great new ideas for themselves and their patients. Speaking at H2NYC, going live on MedStartr, and winning our contests has started over 10,000 new customer relationships for early stage healthcare companies. We can't guarantee it will happen, but it usually does. See what happened to Interactive Health Technologies when they won in 2014 (

• Partnership Opportunities - Top finishers will win at least one meeting with key Partners and Panelists (Aetna, Novartis, NYCSeed,...)

• Acceleration & Syndication - Acceptance into the 2016 MedStartr Acceleration Program that has helped companies like CareSync, Misfit Wearables, DocGraph, and Avado close over 200M in funding and may include investment and syndication from the MedStartr Fund

• Startup Services - Over $5,000 in key services has been donated by our generous sponsors like Sheppard Mullin already and is projected to exceed 10K

Keynotes, Panelists, and Speakers:

Over Twenty amazing panelists and speakers will be on hand to speak, ask the tough questions, and help judge the finalists. Each judging panel will include a Patient, Provider, Partner, Institution, and Investor. Think you have what it takes to be one of our Star Panelists? Apply to be a Panelist and / or MedStartr Mentor here. (

A few of our Panelists:

Susannah Fox (HHS), Regina Holliday (WalkingGallery), Ben Chodor (HealthTechTalk on iHeart Radio), George Mathew, MD (Aetna),Dawn Bell (Novartis), Owen Davis (NYCSeed), Peter Frishauf (MedScape), Sarah Krug (Cancer 101), Mandi Bishop (Dell), Thomas Tsang (Cornell), Amy Cueva (MAD*POW), AJ Lociano (Truveris), Zach Silversweig (Cipher Health) and over a dozen more top healthcare innovation leaders will speak and be on Panels helping judge...

Four (Yes Four!) Pitch Contests in One Day

That's right, we are pulling together FOUR panels with 5 finalists each to take the stage and be judged by a panel of patients, providers, partners, institutions, investors and our crowd, online and off. Prizes will include meetings with key partners and investors, a package of acceleration services, cash, and investment / syndication with the brand new MedStartr Investment Fund. Do you have the stuff to get on stage? Apply here and find out! (

Wearable Health Technology

From the fitbit IPO to millions of kids wearing the IHT Spirit monitors in Gym class, the IoT has come to healthcare in a big way this year. Five of the highest potential new ideas in the space will vie to win our heartbeats and mindshare.

Hospital Innovations

Traditional high cost, high touch care centers are rapidly becoming centers of innovation with the help of hundreds of nimble tech teams. Five of the top companies transforming this space will present to win!

Pharma Shark Tank

From smart pills to better deep analytics, few areas are changing as fast as Pharma. We invite the five best new ideas in Pharma tech to show us how they will enable the New Pharma paradigms and change how we take our medicine. The Panel will include potential investors, partners, and early adopters that can help make the best ideas take off!

Reinventing Clinical

Patients and Physicians have many new tools to engage and collect vast amounts of data. We invite the best new ideas to compete and show us what they have built that will reshape a brighter, better healthcare future for us all.

Get your Early Bird Ticket NOW

Events like this usually run $250 - $1,200 a ticket but for now you can get a great rate while we are finalizing details. If you want to save about half, rsvp here in the next few days. Ticketing is closing here 11/11. Please visit to register. (

A Special Message for Dues Paying Members

Dues Paying Members get reserved spots and $50 discounts! We will send you a special registration code. Thank you for your support!

How to get involved

• Volunteer!

• Apply to Pitch (Deadline Nov 20) (

• Offer to be a great Panelist, Judge or Speaker (

• Help us spread the word and be a Promotional Sponsor ([masked])

• Get exhibitor space

• Sponsor and receive featured listing in publications, exhibitor space, credit for providing lunch or coffee

• Sponsor a Pitch Contest and Add to the Prize Packages

• Sponsor the After Party!

Please email [masked] if you are interested in any of the above.

Thanks for being members and supporters of healthcare innovation!

Yours Truly,
Alex, Anthony, Mimi, and the H2NYC/ MedStartr team