Mental Health Innovation Summit 2017


The rising need for increased services and a scarcity of--mental health care calls for new approaches.

• One in every five adults in America experiences some form of a mental illness

• Nearly one in 20, or 13.6 million, adults in America live with a serious mental illness

• We aren't replacing retiring psychiatrists. Over 59% of US psychiatrists are aged 55 and older, yet only 4% of residents choose Psychiatry.

• Where psychiatrists practice is not necessarily where the patients are--most psychiatrists are in the East, California, and Texas

How can technology and innovation help with this situation, and create a happier, healthier population?

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Planned Agenda
6 PM - Meet Tweet & Greet - healthy snacks and networking time
6:15 - Opening Remarks and Keynote
6:30 - Three Innovators in the space present their innovations to a panel of experts who ask questions
7:15 - Networking Break
7:45 - Panel Discussion
8:15 - Open Bar and Networking Time!
9:30 - After Event off site

Panelists/Presenters Include:

Key Note: John M. Kane, MD Senior Vice President for Behavioral Health Services, Northwell Health

Victor Schwartz, MD. Chief Medical Officer, The Jed Foundation (

Grace Cordovano, PhD. Enlightenment Health Patient Advocacy Professional

Nicolas R. Forand, PhD Asst. Professor, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, Director of Evidence-Based Therapy

Jonathan Morgenstern Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry at the Hofstra NorthWell School of Medicine, Director of Addictions Treatment at Northwell Health, a Senior Scientist at National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA)

This program is sponsored by The Digital Mental Health Project ( and its founder Craig DeLarge. (

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