Endless Summer Social


We had a fantastic Summer Social last year with almost 200 people in attendance. This year we will celebrate the end of Summer together at our MedStartr Labs Beta site embedded within Spark-Lab's beautiful new Bryant Park Co-Working space on 39th Street.

The Summer Stretch

Don't we all wish the Summer would last as long as the waistband in our fruit-of-the-looms? Well let's just extend it one more day for the sake of the MedStartr /H2NYC Summer Social. With an incredibly busy Summer and a record setting year with over 26 events in seven cities, setting up our new fund, the launch of the awesome MedStartr Communities sites (http://medstartr.com/global) (built by Sponsor DataArt (http://dataart.com)) we needed the extra day to fit this one in. So get your board shorts and sandals out and let's give it one more day! Alright!

What's Happening at the Endless Summer Social?

While we can't list everything here that happens at our socials, here are a few of the great things we can guarantee will happen:

• Great Conversations with people who care deeply about healthcare innovation and are very often looking for partners, pilots, team members, investments and mentors

• Good Food and a selection of excellent beer and wine

• Awards for Amazing Community Members and Leaders from 2017

• Tour of the New MedStartr Labs Beta site!

• A few 1 minute pitches from great innovators in health tech (Just like Sonny Vu and Fred Trotter did at a similar event in 2012)

• A few words form our Sponsors

• And much much more!

If you are an awesome dues paying member, please just email us ([masked]) to get on the list (sorry, Meetup does not automate this.)

Dress Code

Hawaiian shirts, shorts, sandals not required, but cool.

Are you ready for "MedStartr Labs"?

Do you need a place to work, meet or just recharge?

If you are looking for a place to work out of that is fast becoming the center of Health Tech in NYC, come on out and check out the MedStartr Labs beta site! MedStartr Ventures, VentureOutNY and our MedStartr Accelerator Program (MAP) companies are based here and we have a constant stream of Health Tech companies, partners, leaders, and investors coming through so be part of the newest thing in NYC and join us. To learn more please email us at [masked] .

Spark Labs (http://www.spark-labs.co) is one of New York City’s premier co-working spaces and a global club for innovators. With two locations in the heart of the NYC — Union Square and Bryant Park. Spark Labs is excited to partner with MedStartr to provide a home to the innovative health care community.

If you would like to become a MedStartr / H2NYC sponsor please email us here ([masked]).

If you would like to learn more about our Venture Fund or MedStartr Acceleration Program, please email us here.

Thank you for making this community what it is, without your interest and support, we could not do any of what we do (nor would we want to.)

See you there!

Warm Regards,

Alex and the MedStartr / H2NYC team