Friday Happy Hour at the Red Lion

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The Red Lion

151 Bleecker St · New York, NY

How to find us

By the Bar. Look for people you see below as registered or tweet the Hashtag #MEDSTARTR

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It may be raining but there is so much to be happy about! Here are a few from our perspective:
-Warm weather here at last!!!
-More money coming into healthtech in NYC than anywhere in the world
-Your Health 2.0 NYC / MedStartr Community is one of the largest and most active in the world and is based RIGHT HERE in NYC.
- MedStartr Venture Fund II made it's first investment yesterday, doubling down on our first investment from Fund I in rapidly growing Emergency Medicine Innovation Twiage! (Big thanks to my brother Jon Fair who has joined our team bringing his finance background to MedStartr Ventures!)

This will be our 4th event this month and all have been epic! We have done over 160 events over the last decade and are doing more all the time all around the world. This community is all about helping new medical innovations succeed - so if you are looking for new ideas or have new idea, come talk with us!

Here are some of the people we have met lately, many of whom will be coming by tonight, and how they can help:

Megan Cress - Codable Capital - Want to tokenize your shares and offer them up to the public? Then Megan and her Codable Capital innovation is a new solution for that - learn more about her here:

Stefan Dienstag -Upward / WeWork - Startup Scout - We first met Stefan in New Orleans where he helped run the Propellor Accelerator. Now he is back in NYC and will be happy to hear how he can help.

Claudia Sandino - Hashtagit Media - From lululemon to some of the world's largest banks, Claudia has run social for top brands and is happy to help startups too! Check her out on Insta - over 10K followers there - not easy to do!

... and so many others - amazing innovation seeking physicians like Sunita Parajuli, Ron Razmi, Samantha Nazareth, and Aditi Joshi; hospital leaders like Clarence Bell, Jon Gordon, Brent Stackhouse; Partners like George Mathews and Bruce Kaufman; Innovators like John Hui (Twiage), John McKenna and Rohit Joshi; and investors like MedStartr Ventures (Jon & Alex Fair), Andrea Liu, Dan Rothman and Guarav Mehta... This is our crowd and if you are into healthcare innovation - this is your crowd too! Come join us and let's celebrate over ten years driving innovation together!

Here are a few conversation starters for tonight (in no particular order:)

>Can I buy you a drink?
-> What should my social media strategy be to blow my brand up (Claudia)?
--> Can I buy you another drink?
-> How exactly do I tokenize my offering (Megan)?
---> Are those Wings really hot and only six bucks?
-> Tell me more about the MedStartr Accelerator you are doing in July.
----> I am interested in the design and development of for greater engagement, here are some ideas...
--> Where exactly does MedStartr start and H2NYC end? Ever heard of the idea of having a single brand (Alex)?
-> I think our next event should be...
-> Have you heard the new Billie Eilish song (it's awesome!)?

Okay, see you in a few hours. Feel free to message / follow us on social media (@MedStartr / @alexbfair) to see where we are headed if coming after 8 (when happy hour ends) #MEDSTARTR

I know some folks are planning on going earlier - if so then just tweet #MedStartr with a pic of yourself and where you are.

Happy Friday!

Alex and the H2NYC / MedStartr Team