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What we’re about

> This group encompasses the truth about health care and how to take back your life in the face of misdiagnosis, cookie cutter treatments, and hopelessness. 

A group designed to uncover and debunk facts vs myths in our current health care system.
We are a group committed to developing our "best-self" through meditation and empowered visualization. We utilize the research and meditations developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza to create a new reality for ourselves and our community. We also volunteer community educational services throughout the Colorado Springs region via presentations, luncheons, and community dinners on various topics regarding health and wellness. 
This group is for TWO different kinds of people.
1. People who have exhausted various traditional forms of health care with little to no success - being told things like "It's all in your head." and "There's nothing we can do." Those with chronic health concerns that are searching helplessly for answers.
2. People who do not want to be part of the health care status quo. Those who are interested and passionate about preventative and protective lifestyle choices in order to live an abundant and higher quality of life throughout their entire existence. 

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