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What we’re about

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***We are on hiatus for in person Meetups due to COVID19. We hope to return soon in the future. Unfortunately, we are not offering online classes at this time***

The purpose of the Heart & Soul Healing Meetup is to teach & practice powerful heart and soul techniques together to create a supportive community interested in self-healing, self empowerment and service to others. It is important to include the heart and soul in any kind of healing or transformation. The Heart is the gateway to the "True Self" in many spiritual traditions. We honor the importance of the Heart in our groups and practices. The Soul carries the power help us heal and transform. Together the Heart and Soul are powerful companions on our journey here on Mother Earth. These varied techniques and practices are intended help to heal, purify, and uplift our frequency and potentials.

The Authentic Meditation Group which meets twice a month includes a variety of meditation practices, regular teaching, and group sharing. This group is offered as a community service to help those who are looking for connection and healing that is self-led, wholehearted, and compassionate. This group is not a therapy group, although it has therapeutic benefits. This group is not a support group, although it is supportive. The goal is first and foremost connecting to your own guidance, healer within, and authentic presence.

Are you interested in self-healing? Do you have physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain?

Do you wish to connect and directly communicate with your True Self?

If yes, then Group Meet-up is for you!

You are invited to join our Heart & Soul Healing Group. Come heal and transform your life! Experience the Power of Heart & Soul now!

Check calendar regularly for updates, new workshops, and area events.

We welcome all belief systems and traditions that honor the Heart & Soul.