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What we’re about

Let's get together to enjoy some fun casual gatherings and affordable activities in our neighborhood. We'll check out local bars, restaurants, and other venues.  

You do not have to be a connoisseur of fine wines to participate! As a matter of fact, we also like beer, tequila, vodka, etc... What's most important is that you like to have fun and make friends!


Wine Wednesday is a casual networking group. Although we are happy when two people meet and connect, we are not a single’s group. Those making unwelcome advances, or otherwise making another member feel uncomfortable, will be asked to adjust their behavior, or leave the group. 

We want every Wine Wednesday member, male and female, to feel comfortable getting together for a friendly evening.

We also ask that you please drink responsibly and arrange for transportation if you enjoy yourself a little more than you intended. 

Be advised, we reserve the right to dismiss any individual that we feel may cause harm, disruption and general discomfort to other members.