What we're about

Welcome to HH.security - the meetup for information security folks in Hamburg.

As of 2019, we aim for having a meetup every 2-3 months. Speakers are always wanted - so please contact us if you want to talk at one of the next meetups :-)

As of topics, we are interested in anything remotely connected to modern information security, including

- SecOps

- Application Security

- Applied Crypto

- User Security & Awareness

- Compliance - no kidding :)

To our meetup applies a code of conduct. Abstract: Be a nice, inclusive person. Complete: http://berlincodeofconduct.org .

You can find us on Slack ( https://web-hh-slackin.herokuapp.com/ channel #hh-security).

Past events (8)

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Smaato Hamburg

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Friendsfactory AG

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Two Talks Thursday #2

Deposit Solutions GmbH

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