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What we’re about

*This will not be a "placeholder group."* If you are not able to make at least ONE meeting/activity/assignment every six months - you will be removed due to inactivity. We will also try to put some "assignments" on the boards with the intention of group participation.

This group is a sanctuary for ethnic (Black, Hispanic, Indian etc.) females who identify as Spiritualist (maybe you are more spiritual than anything else) and/or High and (non) High Priestess, Witch and whatever else fits within the category of a Powerful, yet beautifully intriguing and continually mysterious energetic being- who practices, adheres to or is simply magic.

In this group we are all teachers and learners. Therefore, sharing is essential. Respect amongst each other - required.

As organizer, it is my goal to get you where you need to be - Spiritually so that you may take what is given and apply it to your life in a way that helps guide you to your better self. Not only will we delve deeper into SPIRIT but techniques, practices, activities that help us elevate as well.

We honor spirit, by accepting and honoring who we are not just as human but as amazing spiritual entities!

Welcome, My sisters.

Ages 21+

*Please know that this group is all about the Spiritual Evolution of our community and does not condone or advocate racism or anything that works against the ASCENSION of our Soul and overall UNITY of the Human race.*