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ReUniting the High Vibe Tribe and tapping into our collective wealth potential while exploring of all aspects of abundant living and opportunities to practice, re-learn and re-member community. Activities include (but are not limited to): sustainable business, networking, visionary co-creations and collaborations, yoga, meditation, tantra, sacred sexuality, conscious community building, tai chi, drumming, sound healing, hooping, trance dance, vibrational healing, kirtan, family, parenting, nutrient dense, mineral-rich real food, farming, wilderness skills, foraging, superfoods, organic lifestyle, building "real"ationships .....

For more info: Imani@Mamalution.com

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Red Pill Expo 2019

XL Center

So excited to be hosting the next Red Pill Expo in Hartford, CT in 2019.... This international event brings together Freed Fighters & Truth Seekers around the globe 🌎 to expose the pro and programming that we have bought into 💰and to define collectivism vs. individualism and identify solutions to restore and maintain our freedom. 🔥 Here's some of the few Red Pill Topics on the Agenda....💊 High School Money (everything you never learned) with RPE Founder & Author of the Creature From Jekyll Island - G. Edward Griffin and the aithor of Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki Vaccinations with Del Bigtree - creator of the film VAXXED Glyphosate & Gut Health with Dr Zach Bush Light on Conspiracies & False Flags with Ole Dammengard CryptoCurrency with The Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick Unschooling, Agriculture Freedom, Uncensored Media, Gun Control, 911 & much more Curiosity Piqued? I thought so! Take advantage of First Responder & Early Bird Pricing... REGISTER! ✅$135 before March 31st (for all 3 days!) ✅$165 before May 31st (for all 3 days!) ✅Follow the Red Pill on Facebook for all the updates! ➡️ Go To: https://redpillexpo.org

BlessFest 2019

Hampshire College

BlessFest is a celebration of kirtan, chant, yoga, dance and story taking place on July 25-28, 2019 in Amherst MA .

Divine Love Kirtan with Jayaprabha and Andrew Biagiarelli
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The Conduit Center

$15-20 donation http://www.gongtheplanet.com Everyone loves the feeling of being in love! Kirtan is just that, a practice of “being love” for no specific reason. Join Jayaprabha and Andrew Biagiarelli as we joyously chant mantras musically vibrating with love to celebrate the fullness of life. Accompanied by harmonium, guitar and drums, we will enjoy a creative group expression of sound, music and meditation through call and response, no previous experience is necessary. Kirtan is from the yogic traditions of India; it is believed, that celebrating truly supports us living a well-balanced vital life! Jayaprabha, a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, celebrates and honors the simple joy and contentment that emanates through being exactly as you are. She brings with her more than a decade of experience from her meditative and yogic lifestyle that has enabled her to compassionately embrace the full spectrum of our divine humanness. The devotion of love is palpable within the sacred sounds of each mantra, as Jayaprabha’s life-long love of singing and music creatively allows each moment to unfold exposing its true beauty. Andrew Biagiarelli is one of those talented, young artists who brings kirtan alive with his devotion to spiritual practice, with his beautiful voice and his interpretation of ancient music. Andrew loves to laugh as much as he loves deep silence – he never lets the power of sound outweigh our human need for quiet connection. Andrew honors the original tradition of kirtan while exploring new ways to express love, and he moves from one to another with commitment, skill, and creative spontaneity.

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