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The vision of Higher Level Events is to offer higher level experiences to awaken our inner vision. Our mission is to organize higher level events, retreats, and meetups to raise universal wisdom and bring divine guidance into action.

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Weekend Retreat: Unleash Your Inner BadAss



REGISTER VIA EVENTBRITE: https://innerbadass.eventbrite.com Are you ready to be acknowledged and recognized for all the wonderful things you do professionally and socially? You’re ready to level up your business and those next steps are overwhelming. How would you feel if the “something better” you are meant for came to you in safe and comfortable steps? Wouldn’t it be exciting if you did the work you love and clients just kept on coming and continued to grow and grow? This weekend is dedicated to your bodaciousness! Through hands-on exercises we'll crack the facades of those persistent worrisome thoughts and break them down to their root. What is revealed is very personal to you ~ the secret-sauce to your Inner BadAss. During this three-day transformational retreat, Cinthia will guide you in: • Breaking the façade of the thoughts and beliefs that overwhelm you • Uncovering what your worrisome thoughts are rooted in • Revealing what waits for you on the other side of fear • Finding balance and compassion working alongside your fear, not ignoring it (And did we mention we’ll be doing some badass board breaking, too?) Recognize the Fear Begin your journey with a supported group meditation around a warm, glowing fire among the towering redwoods, comforting dogwoods, and giant sequoias. In this meditation, you will reveal the limiting thoughts that keeps you from moving forward in your life. You may uncover deep-rooted ideas (you forgot even existed) that do not serve you! Find the Wisdom, Unleash the Badass What are your dampening thoughts? Are there just too many to deal with? These limiting beliefs are building blocks to your wall of fear. Work with fellow participants in defining what your core belief or “wall of fear” is though partner work, journaling, and board breaking. The transformational activities and discussions will uncover the wisdom you seek to get out of your own way, and the badass that is waiting for you on the other side will reveal itself! At the end of the day, Cinthia will channel Enduro/a of the 5th Dimension for a universal message, and each participant will receive an intuitive reading. Wisdom + Fear + Compassion = Badass Though fear may continue to linger through our life, it will not keep you from your path and purpose. It’s not ignoring the fear; it’s working alongside it. Knowing the limiting thought, having the wisdom to see past it, and carrying compassion for others living in that fear is what makes you a badass. Cinthia will lead you in a final mediation, workshop, and discussion to help you strengthen the relationship with your newfound wisdom and your inconsequential fears. Break through the core belief that sits between you and your greater purpose, and Unleash Your Inner Badass! Cinthia will hold three follow-up group video sessions to keep you on purpose within 6 weeks after the retreat has been completed. August 23-25, 2019 (Friday-Sunday) Arnold, California Early Registration (before July 26, 2019): $595 Regular Registration: $695 Hostel-style lodging and meals are provided. Register now at www.higherlevelevents.com. Payment plans and commuter rates are available upon request.

What ARE the Akashic Records?



What ARE the Akashic Records? Master Healer, Katie Rubin, will answer the question, “What ARE the Akashic Records?” and explain how and why the Akashic Records give us access to the highest vibrational healing energy human beings can currently hold, and why "psychic" readings in The Records are vastly cleaner, more clear, more direct and more thorough than readings pulled from any other realm yet known to humanity. Katie will open the Akashic Records for several individuals at this meet up to answer one question per person on the topic of your choosing. A great question to begin with is often “What is my particular spiritual path or way of connecting to the divine?” Feel free to ask something else, knowing that time will be limited. Before arriving to the Meetup, please have one specific question prepared to ask when your Akashic Records are opened. Thursday, September 5, 2019 $45/person 6:30-8:30pm Address will be provided upon registration.

Weekend Retreat: Authentic - Discover Your True Self Through Intuition & Magic

**Register via Eventbrite at https://1026authentic.eventbrite.com** This journey will afford you a huge step forward into your personal and spiritual awakening. CONNECT WITH YOUR INTUITION AND SPIRIT GUIDES In our opening circle you will connect with your intuition to identify your intentions for the weekend. A guided meditation will serve to show where you currently are with those intentions. Learn for yourself how to use your intuition and connection with your spirit guides to find your own answers. This means connecting with your emotions, purpose, and passion! You will be able to use this everywhere in your life. UNCOVER YOUR GREMLINS Saturday will begin with a morning stretch on the deck under the redwood trees. A meditation to identify your limiting beliefs and fears about yourself will follow. This is what Katya affectionately refers to as our Gremlin Work! Group activities and personal work will uncover where we developed or inherited those beliefs. RELEASE THAT WHICH DOESN’T SERVE YOU, DEVELOP NEW BELIEFS A heart-centered letting go ceremony will bring you to pure love leaving you ready to change and develop new inspired beliefs. You will participate in activities to exercise your new belief-muscle to reveal a powerful AhaMoment! READY TO LIVE YOUR AUTHENTIC PATH Sunday will begin with a deep meditation unveiling your authentic self. Unleashing your purpose and passion will lead you to happiness, joy, and fulfillment. You are now on the path to being the person you were meant to be and are now powerfully choosing to be! As a retreat follow-up, you will receive a private, 30-minute coaching session with Katya as an integration of the new you into your everyday life! September 20-22, 2019 (Friday-Sunday) Gold Country, High Sierra California Early Registration (before August 15): $570/person Regular Registration: $670/person Hostel-style lodging and meals are provided. Payment plans and commuter rates available upon request. About Katya Dmitrieva From an early age I have been fascinated with people, their minds, and their endless possibilities and talents. This childhood interest has influenced my whole life as I have always chosen professions where I could serve people. After receiving Master’s Degree in Public Relations I worked as a PR professional. Then I shifted gears and worked as Human Resource professional. I kept searching as I knew there was yet a different, more fulfilling and exciting way for me to help others. I trained to be a medium, I took Reiki classes, Isha foundation meditation workshops, and completed Munay Ki initiation. This helped me to awaken my intuition and find my purpose in life. As I decided to become a life coach all of a sudden everything became clear and felt just right. I received coaching certification from iPECInstitute, one of the best life coaching programs in the country, and have started my life coaching practice. I went through a tough search for a life purpose myself, and I want to help you to find a truly fulfilling life.

Mediumship Circle with Aisha Psychic Medium



REGISTER VIA EVENTBRITE: https://nov2aishamediumship.eventbrite.com Join Aisha for an intimate evening connecting with Spirit. Aisha will attempt to connect with loved ones from the other side to bring messages of Healing, Peace, Hope and Love. Reserve your spot early; seats will be limited to 20 people. *Psychic Circle location will be provided upon registration.* Saturday, November 2, 2019 5-8pm $65/person

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