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What we’re about

Welcome to the Psychology and Support community for Highly Sensitive People.

I’m passionate about creating true community for highly sensitive people (HSPs) as defined by the research of Elaine Aron ( In the scientific community our trait is known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) and is being heavily researched. Find out more at

This group is for anyone interested in finding out more about what it means to be an HSP and for HSPs to support one another to truly flourish.

In December 2023 I launched a private membership community for UK HSPs to connect with each for friendship and support. Do take a look at to see more details and if you'd like to consider joining.

Also, please join my mailing list for updates on all things HSP at The sign up box is at the bottom of every page.


Why is it so important for HSPs to get together?

Although at least 20% of the population are HSP, we're often the only ones in our families, social groups or at work who have the trait. This can make us feel alone and isolated. For many HSPs, the experience of meeting other HSPs is the first time they've been truly heard, listened to and validated. This helps to raise self esteem, reduce stress and bring out the many gifts that HSPs have to offer. Community is part of our true nature as humans. Community makes us feel less isolated, more connected to each other and to ourselves.

We need to value the trait of high sensitivity and its contribution to the world. Meeting with others can help us to start to discover and remind ourselves of the strengths we have.

Understanding our trait and our psychology is important to most HSPs, so supporting each other, learning about psychology through discussions and sharing our own real life experiences is vital.


Our meetings always have an organiser who is the host. You will always be welcomed, treated with respect and kindness – just as HSPs expect to be treated. There is no pressure on you to speak or interact at meetings, you are welcome to come and listen. It’s also OK for you to leave at any time you want to. It’s important that you feel welcomed and also safe and secure at meetings and that means doing exactly what you need to do – within reason!


1. Psychology Learning & Discussions >
With HSPs a little knowledge goes a long way so learning about psychological models and approaches can be helpful and empowering. HSPs are able to quickly take information and see how to apply it to their own lives and relationships.

2. Support Meetings >
These are gently facilitated meetings so that you can relax and enjoy the time together with other HSPs. Not a therapy group but rather a process support group, run in a supportive atmosphere. We see what emerges from everyone present and then pick a few of the topics to discuss. There is no pressure to speak. You are welcome to just listen. This is an information sharing meeting with an opportunity to share ideas and tips on living life to the full as an HSP. It's also an opportunity for you to talk about your HSP experiences.

3. Social Gatherings >
These are in hand-picked cafes, restaurants or bars where we either have a private room or we know the noise and stimulation levels will be minimal. This is an opportunity for you to meet other HSPs in a safe and welcoming environment.


Highly Sensitive Spirituality Meetup

Growing Unlimited - National Centre for High Sensitivity

I look forward to meeting you,