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What we’re about

Welcome! This is an affinity group for those who identify as Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). It’s a space where HSPs can meet to discuss high sensitivity and what it means to them. We share our experiences, get informed on the trait, and sometimes get together elsewhere to enjoy life. There's a lot to share and learn.

What are the meetings like?

There are several meeting formats:

1. Drop-ins (Tuesday evenings): in-person or on Zoom, to socialize, get acquainted with the trait, and discuss pre-selected topics that are important to HSPs.

2. Book discussion: we invite you to share what you’re reading that pertains to or includes some HSP aspects (fiction or non-fiction). See the group’s reading list below!

3. Social outings: dinner, nature walk, game night, etc. A fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends from the group in a setting that we can all enjoy.

What is high sensitivity?

High sensitivity is a trait of human temperament found in 20% of the general population, evenly split between men and women. When HSPs are able to understand themselves deeply and manage their needs accordingly, life in our predominantly non-HSP world can be a lot less challenging than it appears.

Consider the four characteristics that describe the trait:

- Depth of processing. We reflect more than others would about the past and future. We tend to find more meaning in our inner world and in our interconnectedness with others. It takes us longer to feel settled after a moving experience.

- Overarousability. We are more easily overwhelmed in stressful or busy situations. We get tired faster and have to recharge or take breaks more often.

- Emotional intensity or empathy. We have stronger emotional responses, both positive and negative.

- Sensory sensitivity. We have a heightened awareness of subtleties. "Loud" sounds, smells, lights, etc. appear louder than they would for a non-HSP.

Our intuition and emotional responsiveness grant us access to deeper insights and enable us to be moved more easily by friendships, art, and spirituality. But that openness also means we have to do more work to manage healthy boundaries that help us avoid feeling overwhelmed.

HSP Resources

Our book reading list:

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